Daily answer review in 60 minutes + Full Syllabus coverage + All India Static Test series+Value added notes .


Remember: You wont get even daily answer review & monitoring alone at this fees anywhere else with this quality. We offer Daily official answer review in 60 minutes+performance analysis+ Prelims+ mains + interview+ 24 hours support additional to premium magazines & notes at nominal fees comparing to features offered.

PREMIUM 2018 with Prelims 90 days

Features in a glance:

  • Daily official answer review & performance analysis (preferential upto 60 minutes).
  • Prelims 90 Days series for prelims 2018. (Fee is 7499 is bought alone)
  • Mains series with 25 static all india tests. (Fee is 28,000 is bought alone)
  • Premium interview guidance. (Fee is 10,000 if bought alone)
  • Value added notes & premium magazines. (Worth 5,000 is bought alone)
  • 24 hours X 7 Days expert live chat support.


Download SCHEDULE & SYLLABUS for Mains static tests

Register today at 33,399 instead of 50,000/-

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Features in a glance:

  • Daily preferential answer review  (faster up to 60 minutes*).
  • +All features of Prelims 2019
  • +All features of mains 2019 (MASTER PLUS 2019 features) 
  • +Premium Interview series +
  • +Access to all premium Magazines +
  • +24 x 7 Preferential instant chat support by experts.

PRELIMS 2019 will be live on JUNE 4 2018

MAINS 2019 will be live on OCTOBER 4 2018

DAILY REVIEW & SUPPORT Available from next day of registration till mains 2019.

##REGISTRATION CLOSED to maintain quality of service. Mail [email protected] or RESERVE SPECIAL ENTRY BY CLICKING HERE..

Exclusive  full fledged dedicated series till interview;you may not get these features any where else..

WIsh to join but short of funds?


You dont need to pay full fees now. Just Pay Rs. 1000 & schedule date for enrolling..No matter whether its next week or next year.

You can book slot to CLOSED PREMIUM Courses like MAINS 100 Days,PREMIUM 2019,MASTER PLUS 2019, LIFETIME …etc

The fee will be same irrespective of closure/fee hike.

Nb: Closure means courses will be closed on reaching certain limits to maintain quality. Similarly Fee hikes to limit number of registration as per the registrations.

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A: Our Test series starts from basics with timely revision. Even if you don't know anything,you can pop up with our schedule & you will eventually realize the difference. At the end of the course you will be strong with depth knowledge in all syllabus areas.
A: There is no fixed date to join. Moreover you can access all tests date wise in user dashboard till the date of examination.But series with individual care & daily answer review have limited seats and wont be open everyday.So earlier the best to avoid future fee hike.
A: NO. Unlike conventional institutes, our tests comes with individual care & DAILY ANSWER REVIEW which needs individual attention on daily basis. So the fees will hike based on number of aspirants in each courses ie, on reaching predefined benchmarks.
A: You can complete fee payment using your debit card/credit card/Net banking/Mobile wallets /UPI.
A: Normally its instant & never takes beyond 1 hours(60 Minutes) in any circumstances
A: Log on to your registered email. You will get LOGIN credentials & Link to create your password via registered email ID.You can use it to login to our test series portal & access all features in user dashboard.


A: This is dedicated flagship full year program for aspirants. This includes Prelims test series + Mains test series + interview series + Value added notes + Daily answer review.
A: YES, Answers uploaded in dashboard will be reviewed in 60 minutes.
A: No, First answer submitted daily will be reviewed in 60 minutes. Remaining will be processed on same day.
A: No. TESTS are same in all packages. Features of PRELIMS 2018 & MASTER PLUS 2018 will be provided. So schedule will be same.Interview series is additional.