Daily answer review in 60 minutes + Full Syllabus coverage + All India Static Test series+Value added notes .


Remember: You wont get even daily answer review & monitoring alone at this fees anywhere else with this quality.

We offer Daily official answer review in 60 minutes+performance analysis+ Prelims+ mains + interview+ 24 hours support additional to premium magazines & notes at nominal fees comparing to features offered.

Course Fee is nominal as PREMIUM 2019 , our integrated course with 35 prelims tests
+ 25 mains tests & interview coverage + daily answer review in 60 minutes 
+Premium magazines + Value added notes comes at Rs.60/day effective.

Features in a glance:

  • Daily preferential answer review  (faster up to 60 minutes*).
  • +All features of Prelims 2019.
  • +All features of mains 2019 (MASTER PLUS 2019 features) .
  • +Premium Interview series +
  • +Access to all premium Magazines +
  • +24 x 7 Preferential instant chat support by experts.

>> Download PRELIMS 2019 Schedule <<

MAINS 2019 will be live on OCTOBER 4 2018

##REGISTRATION CLOSED as reached maximum intake to maintain quality of service.. **Mail [email protected] for queries.

Exclusive  full fledged dedicated series till interview;
You may not get these features any where else..


Courses for 2018:

  1. Prelims 2018 –Course moved to Prelims 2019 – CLICK HERE
  2. WRITING SKILL DEVELOPMENT 2018 |course moved to WSD2019 –CLICK HERE.
  3. Daily answer review special (prelims to mains) – Registration closed as reached maximum intake.
  4. MASTER PLUS 2018 – Course moved to MASTER PLUS 2019 –CLICK HERE.
  5. ESSAY 2018 –Registration closed as reached maximum intake.
  6. MAINS 100 DAYS – Registration closed as reached maximum intake.
  7. PREMIUM 2018 – Course Moved to PREMIUM 2019- CLICK HERE.

Courses for 2019:

  1. PRELIMS 2019 | Open for registration – CLICK HERE
  2. WRITING SKILL DEVELOPMENT 2019 | CLICK HERE. (Book your slot )
  3. MASTER PLUS 2019 |CLICK HERE. (Book your slot)
  4. PREMIUM 2019 | CLICK HERE. (Book your slot)
1. PRELIMS 2019

Nb: All the tests will be available in dashboard till the date of prelims 2019 & you can take all tests irrespective of our schedule.

Duration of course: JUNE 10 2018- MAY 10 2019

Features in a glance:

  • Systematic full PRELIMS COVERAGE.
  • 35 Tests-Each with High Quality Questions.
  • -3 dedicated current affairs & 2 exclusive CSAT tests.
  • Marks with negatives as per upsc standards.
  • Performance analysis for comparison.
  • Instant solutions,marks & explanations.
  • Unlimited Flexibility- Postpone any test as per your time table as per your convenience.
  • 24 x 7 availability in anywhere like Laptop/Mobile.
  • Integrated approach to cover all topics.
  • Timed environment with real exam experience.
  • 24 hours x 7 days Expert instant chat support (related to prelims)


Regular fees: Rs. 12,000/-

Special offer: Rs.5999/- (Last few hours to enroll)


– India’s first & Only mains series with daily official answer review & performance analysis at a Nominal fee.

Features in a glance:

DAILY 4-6 ANSWER REVIEW & PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS. ie, Detailed  Review by experts including points to add & irrelevant points to avoid /structural conflicts.

Further ;

  • Daily questions & Answer writing module+
  • 8 editorials compilations+
  • Individual Marks +
  • Model answers for comparison+
  • 24 hours x 7 days Expert instant chat support.

Duration is over 1.5 years & effective cost is as low as Rs.50/ day

  • ##REGISTRATION CLOSED as reached maximum intake to maintain quality of service.. **Mail [email protected] for queries.

Our mains flagship program for 2019.

All features of Writing skill development program +

  • Preferential Daily review upto 2-4 hours+
  • – Full syllabus coverage (Both static & current)
  • +Scheduled Static all India test series.
  • +Syllabus wise 25 full length tests with review & individual marks.
  • +Full syllabus coverage.
  • +value added notes.
  • 24 hours x 7 days preferential Expert instant chat support.

SCHEDULE will be live immediately after mains 2018


A: Our Test series starts from basics with timely revision. Even if you don't know anything,you can pop up with our schedule & you will eventually realize the difference. At the end of the course you will be strong with depth knowledge in all syllabus areas.
A: There is no fixed date to join. Moreover you can access all tests date wise in user dashboard till the date of examination.But series with individual care & daily answer review have limited seats and wont be open everyday.So earlier the best to avoid future fee hike.
A: NO. Unlike conventional institutes, our tests comes with individual care & DAILY ANSWER REVIEW which needs individual attention on daily basis. So the fees will hike based on number of aspirants in each courses ie, on reaching predefined benchmarks.
A: You can complete fee payment using your debit card/credit card/Net banking/Mobile wallets /UPI.
A: Normally its instant & never takes beyond 1 hours(60 Minutes) in any circumstances
A: Log on to your registered email. You will get LOGIN credentials & Link to create your password via registered email ID.You can use it to login to our test series portal & access all features in user dashboard.


A: This is dedicated flagship full year program for aspirants. This includes Prelims test series + Mains test series + interview series + Value added notes + Daily answer review.
A: YES, Answers uploaded in dashboard will be reviewed in 60 minutes.
A: No, First answer submitted daily will be reviewed in 60 minutes. Remaining will be processed on same day.
A: No. TESTS are same in all packages. Features of PRELIMS 2018 & MASTER PLUS 2018 will be provided. So schedule will be same.Interview series is additional.