IASTODAY-India’s leading educational platform invites you to contribute your knowledge .We rewards you more than anywhere else in these field. If your answers are YES to following questions, then you are eligible to join our team.

What you can expect?

We rewards better than anywhere else in this field; additional to the credibility of being part of India’s leading educational platform.

What we expects? Simply YES to the following

  1. Appeared upsc interview at least once, in last 3 years. (No others are expected)
  2. Willingness to dedicate at least 4 hours a day to our ongoing initiatives.


Simply mail your bio data & upsc mark list to [email protected] .Our quality monitoring team will validate & contact you at the earliest if acceptable.

It should include a detailed answer for following:

  1. Why do you wish to join with us?
  2. Which is your favorite initiative from us?
  3. How can you contribute to ongoing initiatives?