Questions worth 140+ MARKS in 2016 & 138+ in 2017 asked directly. We continue showing right track.

Advantages of PRELIMS 2018 TEST SERIES

Nb: All the tests will be available in dashboard till the date of prelims 2018 & you can take all tests irrespective of our schedule.


Prelims 2018 TEST SERIES

13,000.00 7,500.00

Questions From our 2017 Test series are Asked Directly/indirectly worth 138+MARKS & 142+ Marks in 2016; We continue guiding you in right track.

Duration:- DEC 12 2017 to JUNE 03 2018


  • Unlimited Flexibility- Postpone any test as per your time table
  • 24×7 availability in anywhere like Laptop/Mobile.
  • Integrated approach to cover all topics
  • Includes CSAT and general studies
  • ALL INDIA RANK & performance analysis


  • 30 Full Length Tests Each with High Quality Questions
  • Perfectly schedules Easy to follow Timetables.
  • 24×7 availability in anywhere like Laptop/Mobile.
  • Dedicated series enabling you to get 140+ score in Paper – 1.
  • Analysis of your Performance in different categories after Each Test.
  • Track your status in Leader board for ALL INDIA RANKs.
  • Revision Tests to allow time for regular revision.
  • PDF versions for print out & real exam experience.
  • High-quality questions similar to UPSC standards which help you learn faster.
  • We keeps you consistent & motivated in RIGHT TRACK TO UPSC PRELIMS.
  • 24 x 7 access.

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