Advantages of PRELIMS 90 DAYS 2019 Test Series.

Update: Batch 5 to prelims 2019 closed as reached maximum intake & series moved to PRELIMS 90 DAYS – most popular crash course from IASTODAY

IASTODAY PRELIMS 90 DAYS 2019UPSC PRELIMS 90 DAYS is hall mark of IASTODAY & delivered 140+ in consecutive years. Our quality & relevance in actual examination is the living testimonials for our series. 90% of serious aspirants who followed PRELIMS 90 DAYS last year found their names in results. Our Value added notes in PRELIMS 90 DAYS covers each & every minute aspects which covers 100% for examination.

It’s Never Too Late, 90 Days Plan for UPSC civil service Prelims 2019 with daily target to cover full topics effectively with Quality Questions.35 dedicated test series with full upsc syllabus coverage including GS,CSAT,current affairs & PIB. What you need is just enroll with us;We will make your path to mussorie easy.Our Prelims test series targeted for 150+ Marks in PRELIMS 2019.

Highlights of PRELIMS 90 DAYS

Schedules are flexible: Can be rescheduled as per aspirant’s demands.

Total Tests Prelims syllabus wise tests Full length tests Dedicated current affairs tests CSAT |Qualifying paper.
36 |Similar to upsc standards 20 |systematic & full coverage. 10 |complete revision tests. 3 | 2 half yearly & 1 full year test 3

All round preparation in 90 days:We offers systematic & integrated approach in 90 days which may not be possible over years elsewhere. We integrated whole static & current affairs in best possible manner to avoid missing any topics.

Systematic arrangement of schedule: Our schedule is based on upsc demands. Tougher areas which are favorite to upsc with more marks are given more days whereas less favorite areas of upsc are covered in limited days.

Eg: Polity & constitution together covers 5 times duration than art & culture.

Current affairs coverage: We took extra care to cover current affairs from 2 weeks prior to last year exam till  a week prior to this exam (May 15 2018 to May 20 2019) & scheduled in systematic manner with static preparation. Weightage to CA coverage is designed based on difficulty level of topics assigned too. Beyond these 2 half yearly tests & exclusive full year test is assigned in this.

Extra days : We know that all aspirants are not able to prepare equally. Some are excellent in polity whereas others are weak. So we deliberately reserved days prior & after our series.

+ 10 days before series: Our schedule is live before 10 days of the scheduled test 1. You can assign more days to tougher topics (incase you feels our assignment is not sufficient for you. Eg: We assigned average 1 days for CSAT.

+ 9 days after series:  Our scheduled test series ends 9 days before prelims 2019. This is for your self-revision & polishing weaker areas if any.

Limited Time & Requirement in Clarity of concepts makes UPSC Prelims Tougher.But proper planning and schedule is enough for your Success.Read our winners testimonials here.

UPSC Prelims 2019- 90 DAYS schedule download

Systematic schedule for covering all current affairs & static topics in 90 days. It covers from MAY 15 2018 where PRELIMS 2018 where on JUNE 3 2018 to MAY 20 2019. Additionally VALUE ADDED NOTES will be provided & Our experts will be accessible to you 24 hours over LIVE CHAT.
Duration for course: FEBRUARY 24 - MAY 25 2019 + 9 DAYS reserved for self revision after prelims 90 Days . |Unlimited flexibility till PRELIMS 2019.

Series includes 36 TESTS ie, 20 section wise tests+ 10 Full syllabus tests + 3 Dedicated current affairs test based on VAN + 3 CSAT TEST additional to Value added notes & premium magazines. PRELIMS 90 DAYS Flash cards are also provided in this series.


Nb: You can reschedule all tests & wont miss any single test till the date of PRELIMS 2019

Fees will be 7499/- once schedule is live. Early bird offer @ 6000/- till FEBRUARY 13 2019 4PM. CLICK HERE to ENROLL now.

12,500.00 7,999.00ENROLL NOW

Nominal fees to clear preliminary level of India’s toughest exam in 90 DAYS is not a costly deal.


Early bird offer till today midnight- Rs.6000/- CLICK HERE to pay 6,000 now {Limited period offer}

Registration till FEB 23 — Rs. 8200/-

Late comers after After scheduled date ie, FEB 24 — Rs.9,500/-

Don’t Wait till Last minute to join Upsc prelims 90 days..Enroll Now you seriously wish to clear prelims this time.
Features in a glance:
  • LOGIN access to our dedicated test series portal.
  • FULL PRELIMS SYLLABUS COVERAGE in systematic manner.
  • Starts from basics & complexity increases systematically .
  • 36 Tests-Each with High Quality Questions.
  • -3 current affairs & 3 CSAT tests.
  • -10 FULL SYLLABUS TEST as per upsc standards.
  • Unlimited Flexibility- Postpone any test as per your time table as per your convenience.
  • 24 x 7 availability of tests and results anywhere like Laptop/Mobile.
  • Integrated approach to cover all topics.
  • Performance analysis & marks with negatives for wrong attempts. (similar to upsc)
  • Timed environment with real exam experience.
  • 24 hours x 7 days Expert support (related to prelims)

12,500.00 7,999.00ENROLL NOW

These are additional to our premium magazines & notes related to prelims.


Nb: The course above is low cost affordable one, hence standard restrictions are applicable.Go for standard courses which have enhanced features and 24 hours expert live chat support.

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If you wish to join with us ,BUT short of cash right now? Then Mail [email protected] 

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You dont need to pay full fees now. Just Pay Rs. 5000 & schedule date for enrolling..No matter whether its next week or next year.

You can book slot to CLOSED PREMIUM Courses like MAINS 100 Days,PREMIUM 2019,MASTER PLUS 2019, LIFETIME …etc

The fee will be same irrespective of closure/fee hike.

Nb: Closure means courses will be closed on reaching certain limits to maintain quality. Similarly Fee hikes to limit number of registration as per the registrations.

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It will be the worst mistake ever from your side.Learning is a continuous process.TODAY is the best day to start preparation for IAS as you call IAS TODAY. You should ideally take at least one mock test in a week and revise your answers multiple times. Our mock tests are prepared in such a way that even beginners would find it easy to learn concepts. So, it’s time to take tests while you learn. Or, learn while you take tests!