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‘Unstable power, a big barrier in India’.


-Japan said unstable power supply was among the biggest investment barriers in India.
-The comment comes ahead of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe’s India visit next month during which bilateral discussions on cooperation in energy sector would get priority.
What next?
-Japan had committed to develop mega-industrial corridors and high-speed rail network in India through financial aid and technology transfer.
-These projects would require uninterruptible power supply.

Proposed Solution: 
– the Japanese system using solar cells and micro-grid control technology could provide solution to this.


Push for law to ensure transparency rules


The government could consider introducing a new law to ensure transparency of rules, the Economic Survey has recommended, stressing that the ‘opaque mesh’ of regulations prevalent in India not only make life difficult for citizens who cannot feign ignorance of the rules as a valid defence, but also act as a magnet for corruption and endless litigation.

Beyond news:

  • India would benefit enormously if the average citizen could easily access the latest rules and regulations in a comprehensible format.
  • the survey suggests a Transparency of Rules Act (TORA) as a possible solution.

The cyber con artists of Jamtara


  • The quiet railway station in the heart of Karmatar draws its name from one of the country’s greatest social reformers, but today hardly anyone seems to be aware of the connection of this place to Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.

Beyond news:

  • Only a few hundred metres from Vidyasagar railway station is the place where he lived for 18 years, taught girls in a thatched school, and distributed medicines from a home clinic.
  • Some of the articles used by him are still lying here but the place which should have been a tourist destination does not get any visitors these days.
  • Instead, this nondescript little town in Jharkhand’s Jamtara district is often frequented by police from different States: it has emerged as one of the biggest hubs of cybercrime in the country.


  • Records at the Karmatar police station reveal that between April 2015 and March 2017, police teams from 12 different States have visited the station 23 times and arrested around 38 accused.
  • Over 80 cases have been registered suo motu by the Jamtara district police between July 2014 and July 2017 against 330 residents of the area.
  • At Karmatar police station alone, the number of arrests in 2017 has crossed 100.

No level playing field


The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 was enacted with the intention of improving the ease of doing business in India, a country perceived to have a weak insolvency framework and where defaulting debtors abuse the law.

Proposed AIM:

At the outset, the Code appears to have the interests of business at heart: it aims

  1. to overhaul laws relating to reorganisation and insolvency resolution of corporate persons, partnership firms, and individuals;
  2. attempts to ease the process of recovery of money by operational and financial creditors in a timely manner;
  3.  places the onus on professionals to put forth resolution plans within 180 days.
  4. It seeks to ensure that there is neither scope for any further claims by the creditors, except through the Code’s mechanisms, nor for the corporate debtor to challenge the claims made by the creditor.

In reality, however, the Code has enough loopholes to close down businesses instead of assisting entrepreneurs.


  • it fails to provide adequate safeguards to protect the rights of the company before handing over the management in its entirety to the resolution professional.
  • The entourage of appeals before the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, and writ petitions before numerous High Courts, in a short span begs the question: Is the Code truly poised to meet the ends it proclaims?

Slow injustice.

The wholesale acquittal of all 10 persons arrested in connection with a blast at the Police Task Force office at Begumpet in Hyderabad in 2005 must occasion serious introspection on the prevailing gulf between crime and justice.

beyond news:

  • There have been quite a few instances, in recent times, of those arrested for alleged involvement in terrorism incidents being released after years in prison.
  • In December 2016, the National Investigation Agency managed to get Yasin Bhatkal, founder of the Indian Mujahideen, and four others convicted and sentenced to death in connection with the 2013 twin blasts in Hyderabad, but it is a rare instance of a successful prosecution and a relatively quick trial.


  • Examples include Nisar-ud-din Ahmad, who spent 23 years in prison in connection with several train blasts, before the Supreme Court ordered his release last year.
  • Aligarh Muslim University research scholar Gulzar Mohammed Wani spent 16 years in jail on suspicion of being a member of the Hizbul Mujahideen before he was acquitted due to lack of evidence.
  • Exoneration from one or two charges cannot be adequate recompense for the loss of liberty and the trauma of the trial.



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