2020 DAILY REVIEW_IASTODAYDear aspirants & IASTODAY readers, We are now presenting 2020 versions for serious aspirants. Quality & uncomparable features is our hallmark at lowest possible fees online. You can’t get Daily answer review in 60 minutes (Even daily review ) anywhere else at any cost even after 7 years of our quality service. This section is to brief courses for 2020 in a glance. If you are targeting 2019, you may refer 2019 courses here.

Nb: You wont get Daily answer review in 60 minutes & 24 hours expert live support anywhere else at any cost. All our mains courses have daily official answer review & that too faster up to in 60 minutes for premium users.Lower courses will also get our review before 11 PM daily in all circumstances.

Shoot a mail to [email protected] for queries.

Courses for 2020 in a glance: 

    1. PRELIMS PRO 2020- 35 prelims tests+ Daily answer writing , daily modules & provision for monthly answer review & much more –{CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS}
    2. DAILY REVIEW (beginners) 2020 –Low cost daily answer review & all features associated for beginners{CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS}
  1. WRITING SKILL DEVELOPMENT 2020 –Daily 4 answer review (1 each from Gs1-Gs4) & all features associated in 4 levels till mains 2020-{CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS}
  2. MASTER PLUS 2020- Flagship MAINS 2019 program with all features{CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS}
  3. PREMIUM 2020 – Flagship prelims to interview with all premium features including daily answer review in 60 minutes and much more -{CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS}
  4. LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Upgrading to this course is limited to PREMIUM users only



DAILY ANSWER REVIEWYES (in 60 minutes for premium users)NO ( Not even weekly)
EXPERT SUPPORT24 hours x 7 daysNO/ During office hours only
GUARANTEE For Service & fee paid.Guaranteed till you clear (In LIFE TIME)No guarantee at any cost.
Dedicated exclusive static testsYESNO
TEST TYPEFull length similar to UPSCDEPENDS
Full Day to Day current affairs coverageYES with reviewNO
TEST REVIEW & MARKSYES through out the course durationYES during initial days.
NO after few tests
Effective cost for 30 MAINS static tests with reviewRs.10,000 (Master plus - Writing skill development)More than Rs.26,000
Flexible scheduleUnlimited. Reschedule based on demands.No flexibility.
Max delay in Mains Test reviewIn 4 working daysOver 15 days

– India’s first & Only mains series with daily official answer review & performance analysis at a Nominal fee.

Duration: till MAINS 2020 (approx 17 months)

Review standard Starts from basics & moves systematically towards mains 2020.

Features in a glance:

DAILY 4-6 ANSWER REVIEW & PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS. ie, Detailed  Review by experts including points to add & irrelevant points to avoid /structural conflicts.

Further ;

  • Daily questions & Answer writing module+
  • 8 editorials compilations+
  • Individual Marks +
  • Model answers for comparison+
  • 24 hours x 7 days Expert instant chat support.

Duration is over 1.7 years & effective cost is as low as Rs.50/ day

55,000.00 39,999.00 (inclusive of all taxes)ENROLL NOW

We have low cost versions of writing skill development 2020

  1. Daily answer writing (beginner)2020- Daily 1 answer review till MAINS 2020 + All other features of writing skill development 2020 – CLICK HERE

Our mains flagship program for 2020.

All features of Writing skill development program +

  • Preferential Daily review upto 2-4 hours+
  • – Full syllabus coverage (Both static & current)
  • +Scheduled Static all India test series.
  • +Syllabus wise 29 full length tests with review & individual marks.
  • +Full syllabus coverage.
  • +value added notes.
  • 24 hours x 7 days preferential Expert instant chat support.

*DAILY WRITING from next day of registration till MAINS 2019*

Duration is over 1.7 years & effective cost is as low as Rs.75/ day

  • 50,000.00 49,999.00 (inclusive of all taxes)ENROLL NOW


1.PREMIUM 2020

PREMIUM 2019 moved to PREMIUM 2020 as prelims 2019 remains closed officially.Our Flagship program for TARGET 2020 from prelims to interview with all features.

  • All features of MASTER PLUS+
  • Preferential daily answer review upto 60 minutes
  • PRELIMS 2019 test series.
  • Interview 2019 premium series.
  • PREMIUM magazines.
  • Value added notes.
  • +Preferential support available 24 hours x 7 days.

Prelims & mains schedule will be provided once logged in.

*DAILY WRITING starts from next day of joining*

Duration is around 2 years & effective cost is as low as Rs.60/ day

  • 75,000.00 56,999.00 (inclusive of all taxes)ENROLL NOW