Siddharth Jain-Toppers strategy (AIR 13, 2015)

IAS toppers, Toppers Strategy, UPSC toppers


Attempts – first genuine attempt (But actually second)


PAPER 1 -128
PAPER 2 -160

Mains and Interview marks-


Optional subject: Mathematics

MAINS Total–791  + Interview–187  => Final–978

Rank – 13

Daily routine for UPSC preparation

  1. Set targets for yourself:Prepare a short and a long term time table and follow it judiciously.If you lack the will,join some test series(the deadlines for test series will keep you on track).Giving yourself a target will keep your mind focused.
  2. Study momentum:If possible join a library or reading room.Having a good ambience to study generally benefits.Select an optional that you love.So that if you get bored with studies , you can go through it.
  3. Mood Swings :Do some form of mental exercise.I used to meditate(Vipassana meditation).One can do some breath exercises or Yoga.
  4. Distractions:Use smart technology in  a smart way.Dont get too much swayed away by your friends party bash pics on facebook.Just realize that you need to take care of yourself for 2-3 years and for the rest of life the government of India will take care of you 😉 .Take some break to freshen yourself up regularly.

Other than this one can listen to motivational songs,watch some motivational movies.(Pursuit of happiness , is one such movie)



Manbir sir was the chairman & approx 30 minutes.

Me:may i come in.

ch: come in,have a seat.

ch:why do u want to join ifos

me:mam , it will give me an opportunity to contribute both in the short and long term


me:(something about sustainable development and how a forest officer can cntribute towards the same)

ch:how mch CO2 is there in atmosphere?

me:400 ppm as per recent study

ch:how does it harm us?

me:(global warming and stuff)

ch:what is gutenberg discontinuity?

Me:i answered bt got confused with mohos discontuinity

ch:if start drilling the earth and tell what metals will you u find?


next member

m1:what is special in your college , tell related to ur own department?

me:sir, it is one f d oldest mechanical department (and den jst added non sense points,  got a bit nervous )

m1:ur achievements as mechanical engineer?

me:(i jst graduated in 2014 and was not into technical side , so cudnt answer properly )

m1:tell me about rajaji park?

me:(answered,it is spread over 3 districts(elephants etc)

m1:no , pinpoint the bird species there

me:sorry sir, i am not aware.

m1:elephant issue

me:getting killed due to accidents , no proper elephant corridors etc (but not convinced)

next member

m2:how will u use mechanical engineering in ifos

me:sir by using knowledge of material science can find some suitable replacement for timber like composites,can modernize our process of transporting logs by conveyor belts, cuuting of trees by mechanised saw mills etc…(got convinced)

m2:use of forest

me:food,fodder,raw material,pool of genetic resources,medicinal plants,asthetic significance

m2:mam asked u abt earth’s crust.relate the crust with forest  and urself and analyse

me:(no clue wat he wanted)i said the crust provides soil, soil supports trees ,grasses,then come grazers ,den carinvores etc .humans like me , use the forest for (the points mentioned above).and after this we humans contribute back via afforestation , preserving forest etc.(somehow he was v. convinced)

m2:we preserve forest.differentiate btw protected and reserve forest


m2:what is keystone species?


next member

m3:your hobby is meditation.wat is meditation.

me:told a prepared definition.

m3:which meditation u do?

me:i am inclined towards vipassana

m3:y vipassana?

me:told some reasons.

m3:what is tm?

me:the abbreviation for transcendent meditation

m3:tell about it


m3:who discovered it

me:sry sir, i dont know

m3:tell us carbon credit

me:(i felt thirsty ) i asked if i cud hv sum water.,(chairman interrupted and said to tell abt carbon trading, carbon footprint etc).i expalined them

ch:how is carbon emmision calculated

me:told sumthing(not very convinced,i myself was not convinced)

ch:tell us something abt ur carbon emmission today.

me:(little confused)i told for example while coming from home , i used car , dat adds to my carbon emmission,den my carbon emmission is a bit more in this room because i am a little nervous(fast breathing)..(dey smiled )

ch:where do we trade carbon


m3:in what field of forest are u interstd

me:(was not prepared for this)sir,trees

m3:name 5 species


m3:u r interested in kejri??

me:hmm sir i was born in rajasthan , and i know a little about it

m3:which national park have u visited

me:sir madhav national park

ch:but all animals are in captivity there?

me:yes mam

ch:ok u may leave

(i thanked)

Educational background

% in class 10 96
% in class 12 91
Graduation course and % Mechanical engineering
Name of college, city, passing out year IIT Roorkee,2014
Post-graduation Nops
Any other professional courses Nops
Hobbies & Extracurricular achievements Vipassana meditation (mentioned in DAF),Other than that I am a sport lover and I play many sports

1:Chose the correct optional.Do not follow the crowd.
2:Do not chose a graduation subject just because it will help in UPSC.Chose a subject which is an end in itself,i.e. which will provide you with good job and backup.
3:Take care of your physical(Do regular exercise,eat healthy) and mental health(meditate or do yoga)
4:Have a good command over the medium(language) of the exam i.e. if you chose English you should be good at English language skills
5:Do not give your first attempt just for the sake of clearing prelims.Else you will waste the time between prelims and mains.
6:Be humble and try to learn as much as possible.Have a curious mind.
WISDOM OF LIFE :Do not take your life very seriously.Enjoy the process.Do not associate yourself with this body and mind.Realize the temporal nature of life.

Special credits & thanks to Siddharth Jain



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