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General Studies-01


Ancient way of water conservation

  • Many sources of our history provide us handy proof of water conservation and draught management
  • From Indus people to chola kingdom in south, provide us way and art to manage precious water resources
  • Today we consider water as basic right of person but in ancient time it was duty of people to conserve it because it is a gift of god

Paika rebellion

  • Paika rebellion in Orissa took place in 1817.
  • Orissa government urges central government to declare it first war of independence.
  • This rebellion also called paika bidroha was broad based and plural organized war against british east india company.
  • Paiks was one of the community related with militia and policing function
  • They got land from local ruler but britisher want their land and make them landless

General Studies-02

Think beyond loan waiving

  • Government of every state is in race of loan waiving but it is not permanent solution because we have to add capacity of farmer to repay it
  • Government have vision of doubling farmer income but now farmer not capable of loan repayment at least
  • Indian agricultural characterized by low scale and low productivity in which 85% of farmland is below 5 acre of land.
  • More than half area of cultivation have no facility of irrigation and farmer have less than half land to requirement.
  • Two biggest problem of productivity is related to market and weather problem.
  • Loan waiving can be done only in institutional burden of farmer but what will be happen with non institutional high rate borrowing of 61 %.
  • Sustainable solution to be found out like immediate help to poor or vulnerable farmer to be provided on certain criteria.

General Studies-03

Bharat net project

  • It is also known as national optical fiber mission.
  • Aim is to achieve universal network connectivity to every village panchayat.
  • By this mission every panchayat is supposed to be connected with broadband network that will enhance e- governance.
  • By this system governance at local level to be transparent and efficient.

Health under PPP project

  • Niti aayog urges central government to adopt PPP model for medical management with targeted district hospital.
  • Hospital space to be given on lease and private hospital can manage with reasonable rate.
  • Central government will provide financial help.
  • This project will encourage transparency, efficiency and access to quality service.