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General Studies-01


Neolithic age in human evolution

  • After Mesolithic age ,Neolithic age came into existence with some new feature in human evolution
  • In this age now stone used for daily work with more sharp and small in size
  • Neo means new and lithic means stone
  • In this age settlement was found in every part of india because of population increasing

General Studies-02

Malabar exercise

  • It is naval exercise of three country namely india, japan and S.
  • Aim of this exercise was to uphold freedomof movement, enforce therule of law, and addresscommon maritime challenges in the region.

General Studies-03

Problem of malaria in monsoon season

Monetary neutrality

  • A theory which states thatmoney has no real effecton how resources are allocated in an economy.
  • So,for instance, a doubling ofthe stock of money supplycaused by central bankpolicy should have noother effect on the economy except the doublingof the nominal prices of all
  • The concept ofmonetary neutrality hasbeen criticised for assuming that when the supplyof money is increased, thenew money percolatesinto the economy and affects prices evenly.
  • Othershave argued that the newmoney enters the economy at different pointsand affects prices unevenly, thus distorting resource allocation.

GM mustard commercialization

  • GM mustard being developed by delhi university research team named DMH means Dhara Mustard Hybrid
  • Till now only cotton have GM commercialization permission and if any research work of GM need commercialization then they need nod from GEAC
  • Genetically engineering appraisal committee is statutory body under ministry of environment
  • After that ministry nod also needed
  • GM crop is draught resistance, early ripening, pest resistance and higher production etc.