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General Studies-02

India china relation and crisis

  • After india china war, relation is now in crisis after Tibet.
  • This new low level of relation is due to doklam crisis.
  • Dokalam is the tri junction on india, Bhutan and china border.
  • India and Bhutan have friendship treaty according to this india have military responsibility.
  • Bhutan also work as buffer state between two country

General Studies-03

Inflation targeting

  • Recent committee on inflation control by urjit patel suggested about inflation targeting to be primary objective of RBI.
  • This work to be done by monetary policy committee that consist of governor of RBI and finance ministry officer with 6 member.
  • But the works to control inflation is one side job as deflationary trend force us to think about policy when there is deflation.
  • Expanding monetary policy is needed In the time of demonetization and GST led economic scenario.

Most efficient solar power cell

  • Scientist recently developed new solar power production cell that is efficient to produce 44 % more power generation
  • New integrated cell capable of producing energy form every spectrum of solar radiation coming to earth
  • It use concentrator photovoltaic cell that use micro spectrum

Jhum cultivation

  • Jhum cultivation is one kind of shifting cultivation practices
  • This kind of cultivation famous in north east state of india
  • This kind of cultivation led to clearing of more and more forest land
  • Less forest means less carbon sink and less rain with more weathering and mass wasting of soil
  • Sedimentation of river and again flood situation
  • So one and another disaster following we should make understanding to the people to stop this practices

General Studies-04

Death of democrate in china