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General Studies-02


Stay on cattle sale ban rule

  • Supreme court bring stay on ban of cattle sale for slaughter of central government
  • This ban was bring with line of directive principle of state policy to save Milch animal as it is Gandhian philosophy

General Studies-03

Sardar sarovar and rehabilitation

  • Since independence more than 50 million people uprooted from house for the cause of majority development
  • This kind of one issue related to sardar sarovar dam in which lots of tribal people evacuated from side
  • This dam also affect hundred of kilometer natural biodiversity region
  • Siltation become major issue for long term success of big dam
  • Siltation is major cause for every dam and rate of siltation is also lots of more than expected
  • This siltation lower down capacity of dam and block real potential to become reality
  • Narmada valley is among the most fertile area of bio diversity
  • There should transparent public hearing system to rehabilitate that evacuated community
  • Central government approval on rising height means more area to be submerged in which majority population is tribal people
  • Government for vote politics only doing canal work in Saurashtra and Gujarat region but needed rehabilitation activity have not given much burden

Way to peace in valley

  • Problem in valley not understood with much clarity and until we can not understood problem then accurate solution can not be reach
  • Historical problem nature also need long term solution so we have to search root cause of problem in long standing nation division and building process
  • Coordinated security and civil response needed to take peace in valley
  • This cycle can only be brokenthrough a coherent security strategy and outreach bythe civil administration to foster confidence and reducetensions on the street.
  • The security establishmentneeds to step up its response to the new reality. Thequality of intelligence-gathering needs to improve,through traditional human skills and technical capabilities.

New sensor technology to measure river water pollution

  • S. based research firm showed interest in pollution monitoring in Godavari river
  • This system to be worked with satellite data collection and data computing
  • By collecting data we can also forecast water quality as weather and air quality forecast
  • By this method we can identify pollution hot spot and take reformative step to eliminate pollution

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