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General Studies-01


Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

  • This scheme started by the government to reform in sex ratio as population data showing major negative pace.

  • This scheme come under ministry of women and child welfare.

  • Major objective of this scheme is to prevent infanticide, protect and educate girl child.

  • This scheme to be implemented through task force of the district level.

  • District to be selected as per the population data that districts have lower ratio of the female.

General Studies-02

Atal pension yojna

  • It is one of the social security scheme in which every person between 18 to 40 can subscribe.

  • After age of 60, person will get pension as per the fund has been invested by him/her.

  • It is special scheme for the person working in informal sector.

  • It is new version of the swabhiman scheme.

  • Under this scheme central government will also provide 50 % of the fund.

  • This scheme is managed by the provident fund regulatory authority of india.

International court of justice

  • It is one of the global court to solve the issue of conflict between countries.

  • Headquarter is in Hague.

  • This institute comes in the group of United Nation.

  • Russia recently quit this platform.

  • All the UN member is automatically parties to this platform and this court have only advisory role.

National human right commission

  • It is statutory body that consist of chairman and four other members.

  • Chairman should be retired chief judge of supreme court.

  • This commission can take suo motto action in breach of human right.

  • This commission also work as civil court and fine on guilty person.

General Studies-03

Gravitational wave

  • Project LIGO has been started to study the nature of gravitational wave that passes through space.

  • This wave has special pattern and nature that was first proved by Einstein.

  • According to Einstein gravitational wave have special pattern or way that can not be dispersed as light wave.

Zika virus

  • It is a viral infection transmitted by the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, which is also the carrier of dengue and chikungunya viruses.

  • Zika has mild effects for most people but doctors believe infection during pregnancy can result in babies with small heads, which is known as microcephaly, and other serious developmental disorders.

  • Roughly 2.6 billion people could be at risk of zika and india first cases come into light form Gujarat recently.

Economic slow down

  • Recent report on indian economic performance show us that india is no more fastest developing country.

  • Because of demonetization, every sector of the economy have negative pace of development.

  • Major set back or reform will depend on indian monsoon that is expected to be normal.


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