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IASTODAY Prelims test series are popular as we never fail to deliver minimum guarantee to aspirants. 143+ Direct hits in 2016 and 138+ in 2017 were directly from IASTODAY prelims series alone. This year also we continued showing right track, while the coaching institutes failed to deliver UPSC Standards to aspirants. TEST 1 is scheduled on JUNE 10 but can be taken any time before PRELIMS 2019. We offer unlimited flexibility and any test can be taken anytime.


There is no discounts to earlier users as we delivered our promise in real exams. We received 1000s of mails showing their gratitude for the performance in so called tougher 2018 prelims.

We delivered schedule much early on MARCH 15. Thousands of aspirants had already registered to our reliable prelims test series during these days.  We assure you systematic approach to PRELIMS 2019 expecting a tougher test from UPSC.

This year there will be 35 tests. 30 General studies tests ;2 TEST for CSAT and is enough;3 Exclusive tests for current affairs alone. Our series includes 10 full syllabus tests too for revision.

IASTODAY PRELIMS Series are popular for its quality and utility in actual exams as direct questions were found many times in last 4 years as well. We covered 100% questions not like others claiming 50 questions/60 questions in exams.Our schedule for 2019 were live by MAY 18 2019 where no others even thought about next year.We continue showing right track..

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Prelims 2019 test series have 35 full length tests including 10 full length test+ 2 CSAT test+ 3 dedicated current affairs tests. First test will be live by JUNE 10 2018 & will be valid till MAY 10 2019. During this 1 year period, you will cover syllabus & day to day current affairs in most systematic manner. Each tests will cover static as well as current affairs. By the end our course you will be strong in static as well as current affairs related to UPSC PRELIMS 2019.

Reach us using 24 hours LIVE CHAT/Mail [email protected] for queries

You can read Frequently asked questions & their answers from our team.

Not Satisfied with PRELIMS alone? We have integrated Premium 2019

Daily answer review in 60 minutes + Full Syllabus coverage + All India Static Test series+Value added notes for PRELIMS + MAINS + INTERVIEW SERIES

Remember: You wont get even daily answer review & monitoring alone at this fees anywhere else with this quality. We offer Daily official answer review in 60 minutes+performance analysis+ Prelims+ mains + interview+ 24 hours support additional to premium magazines & notes at nominal fees comparing to features offered.

Course Fee is nominal as PREMIUM 2019 , our integrated course with 35 prelims tests
+ 25 mains tests & interview coverage + daily answer review in 60 minutes 
+Premium magazines + Value added notes comes at Rs.80/day effective.

Features in a glance:

  • Daily preferential answer review  (faster up to 60 minutes*).
  • +All features of Prelims 2019.
  • +All features of mains 2019 (MASTER PLUS 2019 features) .
  • +Premium Interview series +
  • +Access to all premium Magazines +
  • +24 x 7 Preferential instant chat support by experts.

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MAINS 2019 will be live on OCTOBER 4 2018

DAILY REVIEW & SUPPORT Available from next day of registration till mains 2019.

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