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General Studies-01

Buddha Jayanti Celebrations {PIB}

  • The Buddha Jayanti comes on the Vaisakha Purnima, that is, on the full moon day of the month of Vaisakha according to the Indian lunar calendar.

  • This is the most important occasion for Buddhists, celebrating the Gautama Buddha’s birthday,enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana on the same day.

  • India is the origin of many world religions including the Buddhism.

  • Buddha’s entire events of life took place in India.

  • His teaching of Karuna, compassion and Maitri, loving kindness, gives an equal perspective towards all sentient things including human beings; within which no classes are allowed.

  • India government take lots of step to revive nalanda one of the ancient Buddha seat and revive it. Nalanda means “giver of knowledge”.

General Studies-02

Foreign fund for political parties

  • Under foreign contribution regulation act and representation of peoples act ban foreign fund to political parties.

  • Now government want to bring amendment to this act but it will not implement on retrospective donation.

  • Parties who got foreign fund should will have to answer in court.

Triple talaq

  • Hearing will begin in the case of shayra bano v/s union of india popularly known as triple talaq case.

  • Supreme court will discuss on the point of triple talaq, nikah halal and polygamy.

  • There are two ways for supreme court like women welfare and minority welfare and which will be chosen by supreme court

  • It is clear that either of selection will invite major constitutional question and petition in supreme court and supreme court have to established one side judgment with constitutional validity as being guardian of constitution.

General Studies-03

Draught and its effect on environment

  • Draught leads to imbalance of atmosphere & ecology 

  • ultimately food chain gets affected.

  • Animal starve to death and this will also induce man and animal conflict.

  • There are many type of draught like monsoon draught, agricultural draught, hydrological draught etc.

DBT in support price

  • Kerala government decide to provide direct benefit transfer under support price regime.

  • Under this system farmer can sell their produce at market price and compensatory price to be paid by government direct to the account of the farmer.

  • This will decrease time of transfer and paper work plus benefit to be given to only targeted person.

  • This initiative will give farmer to open account in bank and do regular transaction.

  • more accounts means, rural area also have bank branch due to sufficient customer that will attract private bank.


  • According to recent study by lancet cases of MDR TB is increasing in india and now india is biggest home for TB

  • Multi drug resistance means patient have no sing of revival despite course of drug.

  • This need bendaquinine drug that developed by US based firm but indian patient can not afford it and indian government banned it due to fear of XDR TB.




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