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General Studies-01


Thakurani jatra

  • Its a cultural ritual from Orissa

  • In this festival people prepare themselves in deity costumes.

Unsustainable fishing practices

  • Developing countries face problem of the fishing ground depletion due to pollution and climate change.

  • Global warming led to effect of the el nino and that ultimately resulted in upwelling effect of fishing production and productivity.

General Studies-02

Real Estate Act comes into force

  • Real estate regulatory and development act came into force.

  • Aim is to eliminate urban poverty and housing for all by 2022.

  • This legislation come under land subject which is state matter and center made law on it.

  • state will also have its own legislation with modified form within six month.

  • Real estate regulatory authority and real estate appellate tribunal will come into force within year.

  • The Authority have administrative and judicial power.

  • 100 % foreign investment permitted in real estate sector.

General Studies-03

Drop irrigation

  • Drop or drip irrigation is the water efficient technique by which water can be utilised effectively

  • Salinity can be regulated and soil leaching can be managed as well.

  • Also Dry area can be irrigated easily.

  • This technique also include increase in the production.

Tiger reserve

  • Project tiger is implemented by the national tiger conservation authority.

  • Tiger reserve established under this scheme.

  • Largest tiger population is found in india .

  • Karnataka have higher population,Then comes uttrakhand.

SAARC satellite

  • Except Pakistan all the SAARC countries are planning to launch combine satellite with the help of the ISRO.

  • Mapping of resources, telemedicine and regional IT development will be made in efficient way with the help of this satellite.

SAARC satellite mind map

  • The GSAT-09 offers a full range of applications and services in telecommunication and broadcasting: Television, Direct-to-Home (DTH), Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs), Tele-education, Telemedicine and Disaster Management Support.

  • The 2,230-kg satellite was built by the Indian Space Research Organisation and has 12 Ku-band transponders.


Q.1 consider the following statement about thakurani jatra .Which of these is/are correct:

1. One of the cultural ritual from Orissa

2. In this festival people prepare itself in deity form costume.

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none


Q.2 which of the following activity have positive effect on fishing productivity:

1. el nino

2. volcanic eruption in ocean

3. oil spill


A. 1 2 only

B. 2 3 only

C. 1 3 only

D. all of the above


Q.3 consider the following statement about new real estate act:

1. real estate is central subject

2. this will empower real estate tribunal with judicial power

3. this provide 100 % FDI in real estate sector.


A. 1 2only

B. 2 only

C. 2 3 only

D. 1 2 3 only


Q.4 drip irrigation have following effect on soil

1. eradicate soil leaching

2. regulate soil salinity

3. increase productivity


A. 1 2 only

B. 1 2 3 only

C. 2 3 only

D. 1 3 only


Q.5 consider the following statement about tiger reserve.Which of these is/are correct

1. established under national tiger conservation authority

2. tiger reserve have different and tight protection norms than national parks


A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none



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