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General Studies-01

Roman coin

  • Recently coin of roman emperor found in the area of the amarawati which is of 1st century old

  • This coin told about roman king and found in south india with origin about 1st century CE that means roman have presence in southern india

  • Study of the coin called numismatics

Monsoon forecast

  • Monsoon forecast done by the indian metrological department come under ministry of earth science

  • This department predict normal monsoon for india

  • That means this year will be good health of economy and ecology

  • Monsoon of india affected mostly by el nino, indian ocean dipole, temperature of Tibet highland, north west Europe temperature, sea surface temperature of indian, pacific and Atlantic ocean, sea level mean pressure on south east Asian country

  • Good monsoon > good agriculture crop> good farmer situation

  • Good rain > higher reservoir level > no inter state water conflict

General Studies-02

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail

  • Union cabinet approve demand of grant for VVPAT machine of election commission of indian

  • This machine will be used nationwide in general election 2019

  • This machine have technique in which when voter vote then he/she can watch paper train for 7 second to verify vote to candidate of need

  • This machine can be also helpful in time of checking any tampering in EVM by verifiying trail count

National Commission for Backward Classes

  • National commission is statutory non constitutional body and this commission appointed by president every five year in central level and governor by state level

  • This commission report about development and step taken by the governemtn and current scenario of the class

  • Inclusion of any caste also suggested by this commission

  • Recently government proposed constitutional law to make it constitutional body that means inclusion of caste also need constitutional amendment

Babri masjid case

  • This is being sensitive case of religious which should be decide with great care so it take long time

  • Supreme court by suing article 142 can transfer case or cases form one court to another one

  • Delay in justice is also equal to injustice

BCIM corridor

  • Bangladesh – china – india – Myanmar corridor to be take place as international highway under china policy of one belt one road and economic corridor for regional connectivity to inclusive development

  • Indian might hesitate to join this proposal as china Pakistan economic corridor passes through Pakistan occupied Kashmir

  • By this corridor india can have greater access in north east state by connectivity development but this also come with strategic importance of north east as china also have access

State assistance from another country

  • Under current situation state got its revenue from tax, revenue devolution form center on recommendation of the finance commission, grant in aid, loan but state cannot seek external financial support from external

  • Recently cabinet approved proposal to borrow support from out side entity by state with condition of financially sound firm can do that

  • This support only can be get under official development assistance [ODA]

General Studies-03

NPA problem in indian banks

  • Current level of the NPA in bank is more than what was in korea at the time of economic crisis

  • When bank do not get interest and principle for 90 day this called NPA and for agricultural criteria is two crop season

  • Distressed asset is another concept which include NPA as sub part of it

  • Government started S4A, 5/20 rule etc. program

College unrest in india

  • This incident taking place due to valueless education

  • Unemployment after degree

  • Economic and social discrimination and inequality

  • Government should not impose law and order but take creative step to mould youth nature and mental status

  • Antimicrobial Resistance

  • Anti microbial resistance means bacteria develop strength against existing drug that can make Bacteria more strong

  • Antimicrobial resistance is a serious threat to global public health that requires action across all government sectors and society and is driven by many interconnected factors.

  • Over use of high dose or schedule high drug can make it more compulsive situation

  • Whole world is now under threat about resistance that to be managed with cooperation.

CURRENT AFFAIRS Multiple Choice Quiz

Q.1 consider the following statement about indian metrological department is/are correct

1. it is come under ministry of earth science

2. it has responsibility of weather forecasting and highway accessibility

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none


Q.2 what is numismatics

A. study of rock edict

B. study of coin

C. study of sculpture

D. study of pillar



Q.3 consider the following statement about national commission for backward class

1. it is constitutional body

2. state and center have joint body

3. this commission give its report to president

A. 2 only

B. 3 only

C. 1 3 only

D. all of the above


Q.4 consider the following statement about BCIM initiative

1. it is idea of one belt one road initiative

2. this economic corridor pass through india

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Q.5 form which of the following way state can get financial assistance

1. grant in aid

2. tax

3. central tax devolution

4. foreign loan

A. 1 2 3 only

B. 2 3 4 only

C. 1 2 4 only

D. all of the above



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