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General Studies-01

First Stage Forecast of Southwest Monsoon Season-2017 Rainfall  [PIB + HINDU ]

  • The first stage forecast  of Southwest monsoon seasonal rainfall was issued by Indian Meteorological Department(IMD) has forecast that quantitatively, the monsoon seasonal rainfall is likely to be 96% of the Long Period Average (LPA)

  • Monsoon prediction have two factor of the uncertainty the is threat of el Niño and new state of art model developed by the IMD

  • But reality is that there is no sured and direct effect of el Niño on indian monsoon

  • Indian ocean dipole that is normally known as temperature difference of Arabian sea and bay of Bengal and positive indian ocean dipole have positive effect on indian monsoon

  • Following are the factor that have effect on indian monsoon

  1. The  Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Gradient between North Atlantic and  North Pacific

  2. Equatorial South Indian Ocean SST

  3. East Asia Mean Sea Level Pressure

  4. Northwest Europe Land Surface Air Temperature

  5. Equatorial Pacific Warm Water Volume

  • The El Nino — characterized by surface waters of the equatorial Pacific warming up more than half a degree — is known to dry up monsoon rains every six out of 10 years.

  • Another climate phenomenon, called the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), which refers to a swing in the sea surface temperatures in the western and eastern Indian oceans, is also known to influence the Indian monsoon. A ‘positive’ IOD can counter an ominous El Nino

General Studies-02

VVPAT in election

  • Voter verify paper audit trail is the print like machine by which voter can conform its vote to wanted candidate

  • By this machine voter will press button he/she can see to whom vote gone as print paper for 7 second after which this print go to one box that also can be used to verify credibility of EVM which are being questioned recently

  • But election commission have no much machine so they want fund from government to purchase new printing machine but government yet not released fund which affect surety of use of VVPAT in next election of lok sabha

Innovation (Navonmesh) in School Education [PIB]

  • Imparting of Quality Education to Students is the crux of the learning outcome process for which we have to strive continuously and it is the Teacher as well as Parents, concerned departments, Educationist and the society in general has to work collectively.

  • Innovation should be in terms of the value development of the student that make society more inclusive and sustainable

General Studies-03

Panel on FRBM act

  • Financial responsibility and budgetary management act passed by the government under recommendation of the financial sector legislative commission

  • FRBM act implemented in state and central government to limit or cap their fiscal deficit

  • Fiscal deficit is the gap between government total income and expenditure

  • Primary deficit concept arrived from deduction of interest payment from revenue deficit

Indian wolf

  • Indian wolf mainly found in india sub continent in semi arid and arid and arid region

  • This notified as endangered in international union for conservation of nature and natural resources [IUCN]

  • It is also schedule 1 animal under wildlife protection act 1972

Diabetes in young [PIB]

  • Diabetes is the disease of the blood sugar level abnormality which create high level of sugar in blood

  • Diabetes have two type that is type one and type two from which one caused by the lower level of the insulin that is due to lack of physical activity and this make blood sugar level automatically higher

  • Type two diabetes involve case of the high blood intake by the person that increase blood sugar level

  • We should focus on control of Diabetes in young and said that this is not only a health priority but also a national priority considering the invaluable potential of the youth energy in the making of “New India”.

  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease and Cancer have occupied the centre stage. This has, at the same time, also resulted in huge social and economic burden on society which has more than 65% of population below the age of 45 and, therefore, cannot afford any drainage or wastage of valuable youth potential.

  • The rapidly spreading epidemic of Diabetes, the more serious concern is upsurge of Diabetes in younger age groups and among hitherto lesser affected sections of the society and lesser affected parts of the country including rural areas and village folk.

CURRENT AFFAIRS Multiple Choice Quiz

Q.1 consider the following statement about indian metrological department is/are correct

1. this come under minister of earth science

2. IMD forecast only south west monsoon

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct answer: Option A

Q.2 consider the following factor that affect indian monsoon prediction

1. surface temperature of north western Europe

2. surface temperature of the indian ocean, pacific ocean, Atlantic sea

3. mean sea level pressure in south east country

A. 1 2 only

B. 1 3 only

C. 2 3 only

D. all of the above

Correct answer: Option D


Q.3 consider the following statement about indian monsoon

1. el nino have direct and sure impact on indian monsoon

2. positive indian ocean have negative effect on indian monsoon

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct answer: Option D


Q.4 consider the following statement about FRBM act is/are correct

1. it is implemented on center as well as state government

2. it has cap only on fiscal deficit

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct answer: Option A


Q.5 consider the following statement about indian wolf is/are correct

1. it is found in whole country

2. it is listed in IUCN as endangered species

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct answer: Option B


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