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General Studies-02

Speaker suspends six Cong. MPs for 5 days[TH]

  • Lok Sabha Speaker  suspended six MPs
  • Due to “unruly behaviour” and disrupting the proceedings of the House.

India China relations[TH]

  • China said they will safeguard its security interests at “any cost”.
  • This will be a threat to india’s sovereignty.
  • China still urges india to “correct its mistake.”
  • They warns-No talks will be held without India withdrawing troops.
  • India bhutan friendship treaty is not accepted by china & is considered as basic issue.

Meet on island development [IE]

The islands include Smith, Ross, Aves, Long and Little Andaman in Andaman and Nicobar and Minicoy, Bangaram, Suheli, Cherium and Tinnakara in Lakshadweep have been identified by the government for improving maritime economy, preserving the eco-system and addressing security concerns.

The IDA was set up on June 1 this year following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s review meeting for the development of islands.Its first meeting is held recently.

Admiralty Bill gets NOD from Rajya Sabha[TH]

  •  passed two Bills on jurisdiction and settlement of maritime claims and the Footwear Design and Development Institute.
  • First bill seeks to consolidate the laws relating to admiralty jurisdiction, legal proceedings in connection with vessels, their arrest, detention, sale and other related matters.
  • Second bill is to establish as an institution of national importance.
  •  Earlier the High Courts of Bombay, Calcutta and Madras could only take up maritime cases.
  • the Bill extends the power to the High Courts of Karnataka, Kerala, Hyderabad, Orissa and Gujarat
  • Beyond these any other High Courts as notified by the Centre can take up maritime cases.

IMF retains India 2017 GDP growth forecast at 7.2%.

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) July World Economic Outlook Update retained India’s projected GDP growth rate for 2017-18 at 7.2%, and at 7.7% for 2018-19.

Growth for 2016-17 was higher than anticipated on the back of government spending and stronger momentum in the first part of that year, as revealed by data revisions.

The IMF had in April projected GDP growth in India at 7.2% and 7.7% in 2017-18 and 2018-19, respectively.