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G.S.-01 current affairs notes

  • What about growth story of the women

  • Malasia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia like Asian tiger growth story start with women as major part of the economic where production by the women exceed than man

  • Research and survey found that when women given better opportunity to work they work better with integrity

  • In MGNREGA more than 55 % role only played by the women that show women readiness to participate in the economic activity


  • Surrogacy practice

  • Surrogacy is the practice of the foetus to be developed in another women uretus by transforming fertile egg

  • This practice become major reason for india being capital of medical tourism and large scale commercial practices was wide spread

  • Recently government formed law to regulate surrogacy in which only infertile couple can take help of the surrogacy

  • If any health hazard being done to surrogate then couple have to paid for that and legal documentation of contract to be signed

  • Supreme court recently amended this rule by adding single category for the surrogacy


  • Comptroller and auditor general will audit impact of demonetization

  • Comptroller and auditor general is supreme audit office of the country in which account of central, state, PSU or any other unit that come under definition being accounted

  • Honest work of the CAG can be seen during declaring coal block distributing unconstitutional and revealing 2G scam

  • Practice of demonetization include question of public money so this issue become important for the audit

  • Recently government delete power of the CAG to audit GST system for that CAG approached to government

  • Problem of forest fire

  • When summer arriving every media have news about fire in forest in one or another part of the india

  • There are lack of the technology that can stop or prevent fire with different terrain of the country

  • 70 % of the forest vulnerable to the fire due to species of the tropical deciduous tree

  • Alien invasive species of the forest also major cause of the forest fire

  • The logic for this kind of burning is also related to the creation of fresh grass, but this time for consumption by wild herbivores rather than by cattle. In a centralised, topdown hierarchical system, these two broad ways of wielding ire are clearly incompatible. By enacting legislation that made the setting of forest fires an offence, the forest department gradually legitimised one
    world view of forests as timber and wildlife production systems and ignored other world views that envisioned forests as cultural and livelihood spaces

  • Instead of viewing forest fires as being purely destructive in nature, forest managers should perhaps expand their world view and be more inclusive to information from ecological and local knowledge systems that view fires as being both rejuvenating and revitalising.

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