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General Studies-02 Daily current affairs

  • Hate crime in America

  • Since trump sworn in as president stability of the world as whole affected with trump policy of protectionist and America first.

  • In two week 3 india have been shot to death by American citizen that spread threat among outsider about security

  • Trump administration should step to unity and safety of person as America being democratic country

  • But real problem start when administration treat this kind of activity with no commitment

  • This will affect not only indian interest but American share also in great threat

General Studies-03 Daily current affairs

  • INS viraat

  • INS viraat is the oldest serving aircraft carrier in the world now government proposed to develop it as a heritage hotel for utilization of the resources

  • Andhra Pradesh government want to introduce special purpose vehicle to build luxurious hotel in aircraft carrier

  • Special purpose vehicle means designated agency for any project

  • This proposal will boost tourism activity as well as complete utilization of the resources

  • It had served in the British Navy as HMS Hermes for 25 years from November 1959 to April 1984 and after refurbishment, was commissioned into the Indian Navy in May 1987.

  • Gangetic dolphin

  • It is one of the fresh water dolphin species that found in Ganga river system. Another are Indus and Yangtze river dolphin

  • This dolphin state as threaten under international union for conservation of nature

  • Major threats are over population, use of chemical in agricultural and industry.

  • Poaching, hunting and barrage as blockade, other activity becoming major problem

  • Center government proposed plan for the survey of the Gangetic dolphin

  • The survey will create a baseline scientific data for the government to take suitable measures to improve quality of the river water, the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG).

  • The authority is conducting the survey through Wildlife Institute of India (WII),, under the Namami Gange programme.

  • Maharashtra government water conservation program

  • Major draught affected area of the Maharashtra got new flagship program of the state government

  • Jal shivar yojna is the program in which farmer given support for the building of pond in farm or near by area to collect water

  • This program has negative comment form the south asia network on dams river and people

  • The scheme was launched in December 2014 by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis led State government with an objective to harvest rainwater and enhance groundwater levels. However, the project has run into stormy weather for its haphazard and unscientific implementation, undue reliance on machinery, lack of transparency and public participation.

  • Most farmers in the village, as in Western’s Maharashtra’s horticultural belt, swear by the farm ponds, unmindful, however, of the consequences of groundwater depletion owing to their unregulated construction and digging.


  • South indian draught situation and animal life

  • Second time consequently south india affected by the draught like situation lead to scarcity of the water and food.

  • Specially kolleru lake dried up and other major river also shrinking so animal come into village in search of water that increase incident of the man and animal conflict.

  • Most affected animal are the elephant, leopard, tiger and bird species that mainly depend on water sources for their pray.

  • Government should take step for the water supply in forest area as dried forest area of the Gujarat managed it well in Gir national park to provide water to lion with artificial supply chain and tank.

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