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  • Goods and service tax

  • Long time dream and vision of indian economy going to become reality as one by one decision being finalized

  • According to latest data GST will be implemented latest by the 1st july.

  • GST is uniform tax on good and services that will avoided multitax and problem of dual calculation

  • In this structure four slab has been formed according nature of product like daily life essential have lower rate while luxurious item have higher one

  • For decision making GST council has been formed in which central and state finance minister take part

  • There will be state GST, central GST, integrated GST and union territory GST.

  • Why fishing industry can not be developed in inland water in india

  • India has many river system some biggest in the world with large geographical span but fishing industry can not be developed in india

  • Reason for this will be

  1. tropical water and less fish species

  2. population largely depend on agricultural due to fertile land

  3. annual flow instability

  4. environmental issues

  5. industrialization and pollution in river

  • some environment issue of the week

mind map Major environmental issues

  • what are the hurdles in domestic petroleum exploration

  • india is major importer of the petroleum product > that means our large part of import bill go to energy > trade deficit > current account deficit > fiscal deficit

  • now energy become burden because lower domestic production. Major oilfield in india confined to gulf of cambay and its coastal area of Maharashtra and Gujarat

  • lower level of the technology is also one of the hurdle. And lower reserve also limitation

  • now what india can do is to make more research in the field of the renewable energy sources because india has vast potential in it and this sources guaranteed future as that resource are not scares

  • US federal bank signaled rate hike

  • Problem start with 2008 slow down due to break down of the real estate sector and lehman brother

  • Recession tend to depression level so bank tend to ease money by zero bound rate that can trigger economy

  • Now federal bank found crisis are on down so bank will increase rate > dear dollar > affect our import, export and investment

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