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  • Dalai lama visit to Arunachal Pradesh and effect on relation with india

  • If we want to understand how this story start we should have to go in history when china following one china policy to merger Tibet and Taiwan

  • Tibet was autonomous princely state majority of population Buddhist and when china imposed rule on it dalai lama fled to india and take refugee in dharmshala in Himachal Pradesh

  • This threaten india china relation worst and 1962 china – india war broke out

Mindmap hindu spotlight

  • Recently dalai lama will visit Tawang one of the border monesty in Arunachal Pradesh which given to the india under 1914 agreement with Tibet

  • Bengal new bill on health

Mind map Bengal new bill on health


  • Humboldt penguins

  • Humboldt penguin is south American species that found around coast of peru and chile

  • It is listed as vulnerable species under international union for conservation of nature [IUCN]

  • Olive ridley turtle

  • Olive ridley turtle found in east coast on bay of Bengal one of the marine turtle species that is now in danger

  • This turtle species lay their egg in less saline sand of beach and when their baby come out they go to sea but recently due to light attraction from village small turtle going toward that moreover poaching and hunting also prevailing sue to its medicinal value

  • Gahirmatha is famous for breeding and egg laying because it is world biggest nesting place

  • This year gahirmatha egg destroyed due to shrinking of the coast

  • Western ghats

  • Western ghat is among the major biodiversity hot spot in the world have flora and fauna from deciduous to moist and wet evergreen

  • Some species such as gaur, lion tailed macaque, elephant, tiger etc.

  • Central government proposed plan to develop western ghat coastal area as the place of the development that once refuse by state now reintroduced

  • Open to public comment for 60 days — allows the Centre to create an Ecological Sensitive Area (ESA) in the Western Ghats (WG), a 1,500 km, ecologically-rich strip along the west coast spanning Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Regions declared as the ESA will not be allowed to host mining and quarrying projects and building thermal power plants.

  • Ever since a committee headed by ecologist Madhav Gadgil recommended in 2011 that all of the Western Ghats be declared as the ESA — with only limited development allowed in graded zones— States have forced the Centre to consistently delay imposing the ESA restrictions. A committee headed by K. Kasturirangan, former ISRO chairman, recommended that only about 60,000 sq km — or about 37% of the WG and a significant reduction from that of the Gadgil committee — be declared as ESA.

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