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  • Indus water treaty

  • Indus water treaty signed by india and Pakistan to share water of the Indus river system after partition

  • This treaty mediate by the world bank in 1960 and only the treaty between two country that still in force

  • West side river go to Pakistan from which india can only use 20 % of the water while eastern river go to india with Sutlej

  • Both country meet annually to discuss status of the treaty but this year lower level of the relation make confusion about meet and prime minister also signaled to breach treaty

  • This treaty implemented by the permanent Indus commission [PIC] this year Pakistan complained about kishenganga and ratle river project

  • University situation today – becoming battle ground on nationalism

  • These objectives can be achieved by an organized assault on the ideologies of socialism, liberalism and feminism, on the principles of social justice, equality, freedom of expression, cultural freedom and secularism. Moral and cultural policing, misuse of force with the involvement of police, and attacks on universities and colleges are tools with which assaults on students are organized.

  • The rightist forces are, in fact, afraid of universities and colleges which are public-funded because they provide an understanding of diversity, tolerance and scientific temper.

  • . When students from Ramjas College or Jawaharlal Nehru University raise questions relating to Maoists or the rights of Jammu and
    Kashmir or the Northeast, they try to make it a part of the public discourse and there is a unity between the faculty and students indicating solidarity, so needed to create a secular ethos. We all know that education is an important tool to achieve this. Left politics works on dialectics, which provides ample scope for dialogue.

  • Nationalism, as understood by the anarchists — I would refrain from calling them leftists — is confined to raising anti-India slogans publicly and defending their right to do so under freedom of expression.

  • Based on the available literature related to the concept of nation and nationalism (largely drawn on the Western historical experiences and philosophical traditions), one can broadly identify three major schools of thought. The primordialist school, for instance, claims that nations are ‘real’, and ethnicity forms the basis for a nation to emerge.

  • What underlies all this is a kind of emotional connects to this Devabhumi, Bharat, that our so-called secular and left-leaning intellectuals will have difficulty in appreciating. Attempts in the past few years to revive an authentic Bharatiya soch (thinking) have turned many of them hostile. Bharatiya soch is based on the recognition of diversity of beliefs and views — not just tolerating plurality but respecting those beliefs and views.


  • NGT ban camping in 100 meter limit of the Ganga

  • NGT order ban in camping on the bank of Ganga in 100 meter periphery

  • This step will avoid pollution and river system disturbance in lower stream of the Ganga

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