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G.S.-01 current affairs notes

  • Mylar festival

  • Mylar is a unique festival of Baireddipalle — celebrating the cattle festival and local Gangamma jatara (a mass devotional ritual) simultaneously. The traditional contest of bulls was suspended seven years ago, reportedly due to feuds among some of the villages in the mandal.

  • The public support to Tamil Nadu’s Jallikattu and the Supreme Court’s conducive verdict on the traditional event have in recent weeks galvanised the spirit of the villagers of the mandal in the tri-State junction to revive it.

  • This festival celebrated after jallikatu being given legal protection now another animal taming sport supporter seeking legal protection this sport from south india specially kambala and mylar

  • It is unique that south india have lots of animal taming sport while on the other hand most of the agricultural development take in north india and another fact is south india always fight for the identity.

General Studies -02 current affairs

  • No member in scientific panel of UN from india

  • UN body commission on legal continental shelf decide which and how much portion of the sea can be used for the legal mining purpose

  • This commission work under united nations convention on laws of sea and supreme body in exploration

  • This time no candidate from filled nomination application india have member in international laws of sea

  • Ministry of earth science [MoES] is the nodal agency for the sea laws


  • Problem of popular and identity politics

  • Identity politics means politics or creating vote bank with the help of public identity

  • Popular politics means there will be more focus on the person while voting then party

  • Popular politics led to worsening scenario of the democracy because in this politics individual who got overwhelming majority on the name of own will tend to take autocratic decision while it has own prompt decision making and lack of political backlog.

General Studies -03 current affairs

  • Hillock in Warangal facing threat

  • The majestic hillocks that are found at several places in Hanamkonda city that lend their name to the cities of Hanamkonda and Warangal are facing threat, though slowly.

  • They were invaluable natural heritage the district was endowed with. They should be protected and preserved for posterity. “The hillocks are exploited for granite. However, the authorities should stop meddling with them.

  • Unique method for preventing man and animal conflict

  • Unique methods like use of LED lights with siren and bio-acoustics are being used by the forest department to keep elephants away from human settlements in the interior areas of Odisha’s Sundergarh district.

  • The new techniques are put to use as the wild animals have made life miserable for the residents in several areas like Hemgiri, Sabdega and other places.

  • The jumbos demolish houses and destroy standing crops like paddy and vegetables. The farmers appear to be more worried about protecting paddy and other farm produces.

  • Among the techniques being used are LED lights with sirens, scare-away guns and bio-acoustics. “The LED lights and sirens are being used after the experience in Jaspur in Chhattisgarh.

  • China poses security threat in power sector

  • Recently central government invited bid for the welcome of foreign firm in the power generation sector

  • Indian electrical equipment manufacturers association raised problem of the national security as both countries relation in fluctuated mode in historical way

  • Power is the critical sector on which country can not depend on another country while country have its own base

  • Post demonetization gold import fall sharply

  • After note ban cash crunch hit micro economic stability but recent repost of CSO to growth rate up to 7 % give some respite from problem of demonetization

  • Gold is major commodity in import bill of india after petroleum and cash crunch affected demand of the gold

  • Decreasing or sharp fall in the demand led to decreasing of the import bill will also help in decreasing in deficit in balance of trade and ultimately affect fiscal deficit and interest liability of the government

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