General Studies -01

  • More temperature this year with more instances of heat wave

  • Indian meteorological department warned that this year trend of above normal temperature will continue with some hill station face more heat wave

  • Gujarat, tamilnadu, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and chattisgarh will be core area of heat wave

  • IMD model forecast show 47% of probability of the heat wave with above normal temperature

  • 2016 was the warmest year of the country and as per last month trend this summer will also follow last year trend

  • There are increasing trend of the frequency of the storm and heat wave and last year extreme temperature was due to el nino

  • This heat wave will induce more problem of water scarcity as we have feel last year in marathvada with train for water.

  • Copper axes of 2000 BC found in doab

  • Excavation in Saharanpur district of the uttarPradesh found copper axe that unveil new story of the human civilization

  • This found of harappan time reveal that when Indus civilization was at its zenith in Punjab plain another parallel civilization taking place in doab region of modern day uttarpradesh

  • This is ochre color poetry culture we can not termed it as civilization as Indus because we have no much proof yet about it

General Studies-03

  • Growth pegged to 7.1 % after demonetization

  • After demonetization and failure of demand and market system cash intensive india economy failed to improve situation

  • Economic survey also forecast for lower growth rate but reality come with surprise as within three month rate getting momentum

  • Problem of elephant in Orissa

  • Lack of fodder and water with increase under farm area led to conflict of man and animal that is biggest threat to both.

  • Mining activity also shrink this area and led to more intensifying conflict between them

  • What we can do to avoid man and animal conflict? First of all resources are very scares so we have to plan optimally and formed special corridor for elephant where to be provided needed facility

  • Project elephant also started by the government to save elephant

  • Universal basic income

  • The tabled in Parliament last month has proposed introducing – Economic Survey 2016-17 a universal basic income in India, and has devoted an entire chapter to this new idea.

  • A universal and unconditional income transfer to all citizens in order to address the twin problems of poverty and unemployment is undoubtedly a proposal that merits serious consideration.

  • the basis for universal basic income is the “fair distribution of real freedom to pursue the realization of one’s conception of the good life

  • it supplements, rather than substitutes, existing in-kind transfers such as free education or basic health insurance “Basic Income: A simple and powerful idea for the twenty-first century.

  • Resource mobilization has to increase ten-fold for India to afford the universal basic income without cutting back on other social welfare programmes. India has one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios in the world. Unless the government seriously increases tax resources, the proposal for a universal basic income is at best a diversion from our current economic and social problems and at worst a means of reducing and ending funding for a host of welfare programmes.