General Studies-01

  • Life with dignity at old age
  • India is now youngest country that give us both challenge as well as opportunity and if we adopt this challenge we have to go toward fulfillment of the need of old age
  • After 40 year india will turn into depended economy where dependent where will be more dependent population than working one
  • Social security idea can work because by this way we can ensure bright future in old age so policy maker should ruled out more and more social security scheme
  • But major problem in this scheme is awareness or capability of the today young to pay for tomorrow old age


General Studies -02

  • Sutlej Yamuna link canal issue
  • This issue date back to reorganization of the Punjab state and division of the state
  • That time agreement was done about sharing of the river water and allowing canal building throughout
  • But recently Punjab denying to such condition and also deny to obey and bring it’s out assembly bill to stop this work
  • Haryana has done all the work of the canal but 90 KM Punjab canal work started yet
  • Supreme ruled that Punjab should allowed canal building and law and order should be maintained for better interstate relation
  • River water issue becoming major problem in india due to population pressure and climate change
  • Every state should work with cooperation and basic principle of humanity because water is whole nations resources that have no political border


  • Foreign policy of the Donald trump
  • Basic principle of the Donald trump administration was to bringing America first policy with protectionist and isolationist policy
  • This led to end of populism in foreign policy? May be never because person drive by power and rather misuse of the power
  • Trump also withdraws from the trans pacific partnership and stop immigration of employee to give American first chance of the job.


  • Changing scenario of the Islamic state
  • Pakistan is believed to be heaven for the terror group by the most of the countries and Pakistan use it for proxy war
  • Pakistan policy of the jihad or radical Islamism led to terror group forming which attack on the other country
  • But problem occur when this group attack on its own country that have behavioral science because religious come under nation definition while state is political body
  • Sehwan attack raise question of humanity because this is shrine of humanity of Islamism which taught people how to unite and live peacefully
  • This attack responsibility claimed by the ISIS that prove that this terror group now is in down grading step or going toward inter fight


  • Open defecation free india
  • Both Ambedkar and Gandhi protested the practice of untouchability by encouraging upper castes to deal with their own waste
  • Studies find that many rural Indians associate emptying a latrine pit by hand with manual scavenging, work that Dalits have traditionally been compelled to do. Caste Hindus refuse to empty latrine pits themselves, and hiring someone else to do it is now expensive and complicated. This is in part because, thankfully, the exploitation and exclusion of Dalits is slowly being challenged in India, and many have abandoned degrading work
  • Rural Indians do not want to use the latrines promoted by the Indian government because these latrines require periodic manual pit emptying. They are afraid of the problems they will face when the pit fills up. For this reason, people want to use latrines with very large pits or tanks that take decades to fill. Yet, latrines with very large pits are expensive, so most rural families cannot afford them.
  • According to the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, which made the employment of manual scavengers illegal, emptying human waste that has decomposed in a latrine pit is not considered manual scavenging, and is therefore not illegal.
  • The two-pit latrine design is a technical and biological solution to the problems of open defecation and manual scavenging, but it does not address the social consequences associated with pit emptying. When we asked families in rural areas whether they would empty a decomposed pit by hand, the resounding answer was “no”.


General Studies -03

  • Case against azhar solid
  • China demand ban on the jaish e mohammad chief azhar on the base of spreading terror activity
  • China will impose sanction on azhar bringing it to committee no.1267 to ban it world wide
  • By this move of china its proved that china now also promoting terror fighting as its one of the prime target


  • Poison in the air
  • Recent report of the central pollution control board [CPCB] stated that between 2011 to 2015 2/3 of the citizen living under poor air pollution
  • This data given under air quality index which include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide etc.
  • Jammu Kashmir, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat breach the particulate limit most of time
  • Particulate matter 2.5 is more dangerous than particulate matter 10
  • According to rule there are central pollution control board as well as state pollution control board in which central board work as advisory body of the state so it is up to state to implement that or not
  • Key directives by the Centre to the States to control particulate matter pollution include promoting public transport, improving fuel quality and fuel efficiency standards and banning burning of leaves, biomass and municipal solid waste.


  • Oil spill at Chennai coast
  • The disaster continues unabated. The oil spill which hit the Ennore coast in Chennai, at 3.45 a.m. on January 28, continues to spread along the coast. It is destroying marine life, livelihoods and causing permanent damage to biodiversity. The issue, with its massive ramifications, has been sidelined from public space by the dramatic political developments in the State — a cruel irony which allowed those responsible to escape attention and accountability.
  • In this incidence question occur how there will be accidental oil spill at the near by area of the coast and kamarajhar port also denying for its responsibility
  • There was inexcusable delay in the response while the toxic oil gushed into the sea. By the time the Coast Guard was informed much later in the morning, great damage had already been done. The National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan (NOS-DCP) was sanctioned in 1993, drafted in 1995 and adopted in 1996. In the two decades since then, the plan has routinely been updated and revised to reflect the latest in international safety and regulatory standards. Evidently, the only thing it reflects is a complete failure in action.
  • There is absolutely no disaster-related information, especially details regarding the current status of the spill, or precautions the public needs to take which ought to have been widely disseminated by any responsible administration. Whatever the chaos in political circles, the bureaucracy should have taken necessary action. Can fishermen venture out to sea? Is it safe to eat sea food? Indeed, is it safe to even volunteer to help clean the toxic oil sludge without proper protective gear, using only buckets? No. The fun fact which was put out by KPL is that tenders have now been issued to buy oil spill response machinery. Meanwhile, 187 tonnes of oil sludge have been removed by the Coast Guard and Chennai’s brave hearts.
  • Reports indicate that the slick has spread to Cuddalore in the south, will soon reach the Pichavaram mangroves and then northwards to affect the Pulicat mangroves. The compromising of mangroves would be a disaster of epic proportions. Conversely, it has already been announced that the spill containment work has been almost completed. If true, it is an outrage. Containment and damage control must continue until the damage is contained and not stopped at an arbitrary time fixed by the authorities



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