General Studies -02

  • Trumps immigration plan

  • Donald trump administration still have watch on seven Islam countries immigration and draft in planning about to change immigration policy

  • Few day ago Donald trump implemented blanket ban on the seven islam countries immigrant

  • These countries include iran, Iraq, Somalia, yemen, Syria, sudan, and libiya.

  • This kind of radical step not expected from world leader as discrimination on the basis of the religion will fuel more radical activity among the youth

  • This kind of plan also make world more instable and this is not creative step at all to ban whole community on the base of terrorism

  • Trump should take step like peace mediator and cooperation to countries where terror activity getting momentum

  • New order of the disorder in the world

  • World under the leadership of the Donald trump fueling uncertainty in the world

  • Donald trump policy of the America first and radical step toward Islamic country will make world more unstable and divided

  • American isolationism also fueling as Donald trump repeatedly following America first policy and withdrawal from the multilateral group also increase the protectionist policy in the world

  • Era of the identity crisis in india

  • Identity crisis led to caste, religion, culture are fueling to crisis of the identity crisis in india

  • This crisis have biggest issue on the national security and social harmony but here first question come is the why in this time this crisis taken place

  • In the instances first crisis is lack of law and order by the state with political reason

  • Sangam literature also mention about the jallikatu means bull taming in pastoral land and boat racing in coastal land but jallikatu protest was limited to urban area

  • In India protest for the culture and tolerance to terrorism, black money and corruption that never show such enthusiasm in people prove that till date in India cultural bond in strong than commercial one.

General Studies-03

  • Center not terming Pakistan as terror state

  • Rajyasabha moved draft to declare Pakistan as terror state but central government decide that they will not approve it

  • This bill intend to ban on economic, diplomatic and political cooperation between countries and ban immigration

  • This kind of the draft will derogate indian image in world geo political arena and also breach of the geneva convention

  • India and Pakistan have economic and diplomatic in crisis low time of the kargil and pokran operation

  • This is private member bill means presented by the member of parliament other than minister will taken into vote once screening committee approve it.

  • Forest fire in Utrakhand lesson to be learn

  • Incidence of the forest fire increasing with summer coming up to monsoon arrival

  • This forest fire is due to commercial timber plantation, human activity like resident and construction activity, transportation activity, deciduous species of tree that shed their leave etc.

  • To avoid such kind of the activity forest department this year committed to use technology like SMS system in which fire incident will be monitored by the space technology with CARTOSAT. When any fire incidence occur this system will send message to the forest personal

  • This area comprising of the shivalik hill of the state come under nanda dvi biosphere reserve and rajaji, jim Corbett national park

  • Kolleru wildlife sanctuary

  • This sanctuary situated in kolleru lake area presenting one of the rich bio diversity places in the world

  • Recently state assemble passed resolution to cut down size of the sanctuary but national board for wildlife rejected it

  • Board also asked for the identification of the core area of the sanctuary that should be banned for human activity while outside area can be used in resettlement and rehabilitation of resident and traditional fishing activity

  • The working group said in the report that the water from Budameru River which feeds Kolleru had been diverted to Krishna Delta via the Polavaram Left Main Canal and the same should be compensated elsewhere.

  • From cancer causing crop to health food

  • Tobacco have nicotine that raise the chance of the cancer in the human mouth and lung special if taken by smoking

  • Government also ruled out higher taxes and regulating by caution on packet but consumption increasing day by day

  • Andhra Pradesh is the biggest grower of the tobacco crop and second place adopted by the Gujarat

  • This crop of tobacco can be grown as cash crop in alluvial soil with good sun shine. Medium humidity

  • But some farmer from the Andhra Pradesh taken initiative to grow organic food crop instead of tobacco

  • Organic crop means using natural component in growing crop and not use of the chemical fertilizer that make agriculture sustainable and make possible evergreen revolution.. this kind of farming activity persist in north east region of the india specially Sikkim is capital form the organic farming

  • Organic component include cow dung, cow urine and neem tree that prevent pest in crop

  • Organic practices adopted by a select group of progressive farmers in the village include residue mulching, composting and crop rotation to maintain soil health.

  • This system of cultivation helps in restoring the severe biodiversity loss associated with inorganic chemical based farming. Chemical farming kills useful insects, rats, frogs and snakes upsetting the food chain in the ecosystem