Current affairs Notes for IAS UPSC

February 18 2017

General Studies-02

  • Medical diplomacy

  • New and emerging concept of the diplomacy in world but informally existed in india long ago

  • Medical diplomacy refer to help in health sector by that country will have good relation

  • Indian medical staff worked most in the area of the gulf crisis. In iran, Iraq, Tajikistan, Afghanistan etc.

  • This strategic and oil rich country having poor infrastructure. In which india can find emerging potential

  • Gulf country reserve now on stake and risk to invest there but central Asian country like Tajikistan and Afghanistan and iran providing new opportunity

  • Terror attack in sehwan

  • The horrifiic suicide attack at a Sui shrine in Sehwan in Pakistan’s Sindh province that killed at least 80 people, underscores fears about the Islamic State gaining strength in the country. A suicide bomber blew himself up at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, among the most venerated of Sui saints.

  • People of all faiths in the subcontinent have locked here over the centuries, making it a prominent symbol of syncretism, and thereby a particularly potent target for the IS. The terrorist group, which had announced its Pakistan branch more than two years ago, has claimed a string of attacks in recent months, mostly on minority Muslim sects.

  • In Pakistan and Afghanistan, Shias, Hazaras and Suis are being attacked. Pakistan, particularly, has a rich Sufi tradition, a mystical and generally moderate form of Islam that is loathed by fundamentalists.

  • he suicide bombing at the Sui shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar at Sehwan is not the first terrorist attack on a place of worship in Pakistan, and is unlikely to be the last. Imbued with their extremist ideology, jihadis have targeted several Sui shrines all over Pakistan for several years. As the shrine is a major attraction for devotees, the Sehwan attack resulted in a very high number of fatalities, just like the attacks on the popular shrine of Data Ganj Bakhsh in Lahore in 2010 and that of Hazrat Shah Noorani in Balochistan last November.

  • Story start with Pakistan motivated Islamic jihadist to make Afghanistan and india its target but in this game Pakistan forget that nation [ cultural identity ] don’t have state boundary and jihadist also make Pakistan its target

General Studies -03

  • India border management

  • Indian international border have composite structure with hard geo graphic terrain

  • Kutch area have border with mud that need special boat and cobra personal and fencing can not be done

  • In that desert temperature reach up to 55 C and sand dune changing its place day by day so here we have to build high length tower with cobra wire

  • Punjab border also have complex population structure and mud area formed by the Harike wetland and river system so technologically upgraded boat should be used and GPS to be used for border determination

  • From Jammu to Arunachal Pradesh Himalayan hinterland make it tough to watch out at border without proper technology and infrastructure. So this border is highly vulnerable to the infiltration by terrorist group

  • So at this border we can use snow scooter with fencing where possible

  • With Myanmar problem of dense forest and Bangladesh have complex population and mud area created by the Ganga – Brahmaputra river basin

  • Above stated part is most vulnerable to the infiltration by the terror group so now government want to bring innovative idea of the SMART fencing

  • This smart fence will use latest technology to have face reader and lesser camera with night vision mode to full time coverage

  • Real problem to this proposal is not clear boundary in PoK, funding, technology availability, technical knowledge to army personal and hard geographical terrain

  • Electricity rate hike

  • In Rajasthan recently government hike agricultural electricity rate that trigger toward oppression among farmer

  • ISRO model on how PSU can work with success

  • No government entrepreneur have such excellence in the field of the thir work while ISRO become exception to it

  • ISRO have launched 104 satellite with grand success make its fame in not only in india but also all over the world

  • ISRO have showed the way to government how to manage PSU ad how one government undertaken can work with world class record.

  • ISRO have unique management formation in which ISRO is only responsible to PMO and have to repot only to them which provide them better autonomy to work

  • Most of the government organization and headquarter situated in the Delhi that have parent ministry and political interference. While ISRO have immunity from it.

  • Human capital also matter in efficiency of the ISRO that have some of the most genius scientist of the world

  • Project loon

  • Google have started this project in which balloon fly over the sky with network tool that can provide network facility in distant area

  • This project have successfully tested in the Europe and new Zealand

  • Google have moved a step closer to rolling out a network of huge balloons to provide Internet connectivity to billions of people
    around the world, particularly those in difficult-to reach rural areas.

  • Gooogle have launched new advance loon that can predict the wether and The advance means Google has much more control over where its balloons reach, making it possible to focus on a specific region,
    rather than circumnavigating the globe.

  • The balloons float in the stratosphere around 18 kilometres high. By raising or lowering altitude, the balloons can be caught in different weather streams, changing direction.

  • By using machine-learning algorithms, Google thinks it has found a way to predict weather with enough accuracy to make it possible to hover balloons over a relatively small area for a long period of time.

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