Current affairs IAS UPSC

February 14 2017

General Studies-01

  • Kambala sport

  • Another buffalo racing sport of the south india getting momentum to allow under culture of the people and state government preparing draft to allow it

  • Karnataka state assembly preparing draft for the prevention of cruelty to animal amendment to allow kambala one of the buffalo race of the ancient time

General Studies-02

  • Today SC verdict jayalalithaa case

  • Jayalalithaa asset case judgment will also affect the political carrier of sashikala and its personal liberty

Tamil nadu jaya lalitha issue mind map

  • Court of contempt

  • When any person make abusive speech about judiciary or challenge the judgment of the court

  • One of the judge found contempt of court by abusing language on supreme court

  • Now judiciary has brought contempt of court but have difficulty to understand If judiciary can bring court of contempt on its own member or not.

  • LEMOA agreement

  • Logistic exchange memorandum of agreement signed between U.S. and india

  • This treaty signed for use of logistical technology of each other in the time of the crisis

  • In this agreement both country can use each other base for the fueling or repairing of the tools

  • This will have great benefit for the india as it have strategically importance in the time of crisis

  • North Korea missile launching

  • The launch of a medium- range ballistic missile by North Korea on Sunday is yet another reckless pro- vocation by its leader Kim Jong-un. Last year, the Kim regime tested at least a dozen missiles and even vowed to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the U.S. Each time the tests have triggered angry and anxious responses from world leaders, particularly from Japan, South Korea and the U.S.

  • United nation also make sanction on the Korea but is has not been take into mind by leadership and continued testing of the missile and nuclear weapon

  • Talk in Manipur sabotaged

  • Manipur naga council protest and blockade for the creation of the new district led to price rise of the essential commodity and affect state economy as life line road has been blocked

  • Central government try to have meet with leader but political drama lead to failure of this meeting

  • Most severe problem is due to lack of the connectivity in state and government should adopt the strategy of the mutual understanding and adopting practices of the cultural importance of tribe that should be protected

  • Money bill

  • In the constitution of the india under article 110 definition of the money bill has given

  • Money bill means increasing tax and financial and monetary policy which only can be present in lok sabha

  • Joint sitting cannot be done for the money bill and constitution amendment bill

  • When this bill send to rajya sabha then they have only 14 days time to decide matter and if not returned then bill is believe to be passed in the form as lok sabha send it.

  • If rajya sabha make any amendment then it is depend on lok sabha to accept it or not.

  • Speaker decision on the money bill certification is final that can not be filed in judiciary


  • Rajaji national park and rehabilitation issue

  • Rajaji national park situated in shivalik Himalayas and terai region where stream emerges and mud develops

  • Due to population pressure and tourism activity man and animal conflict are on the increasing trend

  • So national green tribunal seek rehabilitation of the people from national park limit that are not implemented by the Utrakhand government

  • Revenue village or estate in this region called CHAK

  • This national park known for tiger, panther, elephant and other animal

  • Budget analyses

  • This year budget got criticism with much comment but it should be seen in the perspective of the current economic situation where balck cloud hovering over sky

  • This year budget miss its fundamental principle of the populism and government want let economy to be developed on its own


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