Current affairs for IAS UPSC

February 13 2017

General Studies-02

  • Salary of the president

  • Now president getting 1.5 lakh salary that are lower than joint secretary so improvement proposal of secretary has been made

  • This proposal want to increase salary of the president, vice president, and governor

  • This proposal has been made but struck in prime minister office and increment proposal are as below

  1. president from 1.5 lakh to 5 lakh per month

  2. 1.1 lakh to 3.5 lakh per month

  • This move come after acceptance of the seventh pay commission that proposed to increase 14 % salary of all government employee

  • Minimum salary proposed is 18000 per month.

  • Trump one china policy review

  • After wining of the election trump showed sign of objection toward one china policy and have conversation with Taiwan president

  • But now trump turning into one china policy and back it. One china policy is result of china’s integration with Taiwan and Tibet also

  • Trump decision making radical style and turning to 180 degree by breaking that rule like travel ban have more instable affect on world geopolitics

  • National sex offender registry

  • Last week minister maneka gandhi suggested to form national sex offender registry for better criminal management and victim rehabilitation

  • This type of registry also working in other developed country like U.S., U.K. Canada etc.

  • This registry include former sex offender and help police to take bird eye view on them periodically

  • And public declaration of this record will create sense of security to parent and social punishment to offender

  • North Korea test fire ballistic missile

  • Test fire of the ballistic missile fueled tension on japan and America show full support sign

  • North Korea frequently testing its weapon like recently they have test nuclear bomb and Korea is not also member of NPT so tension rises as rest world have no idea about how much weapon power they have.

  • China is great alley of north Korea but can’t do anything for frequent united security council resolution provocation

  • Obama principle was strategic patience but what will be trump policy worlds are unaware about that

General Studies-03

  • Multi role chopper at aero india expo

  • Hindustan aeronautics limited will display first multi role chopper helicopter aero india exhibition

  • It is planned as a twin-engine helicopter in the 10- tonne category, capable of flying at a height of 15,000 feet, and with a range of 500 km. It can perform several tasks, including counter-insurgency operations, casualty evacuation and combat search and rescue.

  • The helicopter is designed to carry 24 fully equipped military personnel or 18 persons in the VVIP role. “It can be a good substitute for the Russian built Mi-17, which is in use, and also fit the Navy’s requirement for medium-lift helicopters.

  • HAL is building the 5.5- tonne Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv, which is operational in large numbers. The Light Combat Helicopter is in an advanced stage of induction and a Light Utility Helicopter is under development.

  • Solar power and price barrier

  • To produce energy from sun we need to have two type of the machinery that is photovoltaic cell and sun tower in which sun rays directly reflected by the mirror to one tower where energy is being produced by the thermal and steam principle

  • India is founder member of the international solar alliance to produce more and more solar energy with head quarter at gurugram

  • Government also start saur saujala yojna aimed to provide solar panel for the irrigation pump

  • Recently Madhya Pradesh government decrease price o the photovoltaic cell

  • Government has 100 gigawatts solar electricity target to completed by 2022 for the Paris agreement under INDC

  • We have made great progress in grid infrastructure or large scale production but in household rooftop we are lack

  • Currently, India needs a lot more good quality power, which renewable provide. Solar power is an emissions-free driver of the economy, generating growth in both direct and indirect employment. A lot of sunlight remains to be tapped.

  • Single point military advisor soon

  • Central government will create single point military advisory soon to have synergy between services

  • This body will increase cooperation and intern interoperability among services to work better and efficiently

  • Commerce ministry special arm to manage foreign trade

  • Now foreign trade to be managed by the commerce ministry with the help of the external affairs ministry and prime minister office

  • Now foreign trade strategy driven by the PMO and external affairs ministry

  • the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) should reside with the department of commerce providing the trade community one single entity to deal with. The FTP should be considered a “dynamic document,” according to the report. It added that any change necessitated with respect to the ongoing requirements must be approved by the (commerce) departmental arm responsible for policymaking

  • Rescue by human chain to stranded whale

  • Recently lots of whale stranded from golden sea to coast of new Zealand and many found dead

  • Environmentalist and volunteers helping whale to return in golden sea nearly 200 whale rescued by this way

  • Whale generally found in group while migrating to warm water and work on basis of SONAR techniques to find out its way

  • It is first time incident of whale coming in super pod[ big group]

  • This pod come to india following earthquake in ocean near golden coast

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