DATE 12.02.2017

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  • Government committed to independent judiciary

  • Constitution of india follows separation of power among legislative, judiciary, executive and its directive principle of state policy under article 50. Also it is fundamental principle of constitution that can not be alter

  • Recently deadlock between judiciary and executive on appointment also making in news because judiciary has scrap NJAC on the base of sovereignty and executive now not ready to accept memorandum of procedure formed by the judiciary

  • COPTA act and role of media in its implementation

  • Cigarette and other tobacco product act have provision about showing that tobacco is dangerous to health in film or TV show

    COPTA act and role of media in its implementation

  • Fears of student about Schools

  • Recent survey show that student have fear about safety in school most of fear are lack of toilet, lack of boundary wall, punishment and bullying are major threat

    Fears of student about Schools

  • Right of women on pregnancy

  • Supreme court in judgment reveled that women have absolute right on pregnancy, abortion etc.

  • This is fundamental right as no one can forced women to take about decision

  • But social structure of the country prevent this from implementation because in india hardly a few women have right to take decision on its own

  • Reproductive right is one of the human fundamental right related to dignity of life


  • India successfully tested interceptor missile

  • India tested interceptor missile successfully by targeting another balastic shield missile

  • Another missile launched from bay of Bengal as mimicking enemy missile and interceptor missile launched from abdul kalam island destroyed enemy missile successfully

  • This missile indigenously developed by the defense research and development organization to combat target in endo and exo atmosphere

  • Infection from hospital

  • Survey told that when patient go to hospital return with more serious infection due to lack of the cleanliness in hospital

  • This phenomena is called hospital acquired infection

  • Health story of rural india

  • People have less income + do not have awareness about importance of cleanliness > health issue > people not going to hospital due to economic constraint > more serious infection

  • Rural india > less population > no private hospital > government lack fund > no access to hospital > witch, quake doctor number are being increasing

  • Low government funding > more out of pocket expenditure

  • Bank now in position to lower down rate : RBI

  • In last monetary policy committee meeting bank adopted accommodative trend to neutral trend

  • RBI strongly old about possibility of the rate cut due to micro economic slow down after demonetization

  • NPA also becoming major problem as long gestation project will bear fruit in long term basis

  • SEBI give view of reform to be taken up during FY 2018

  • Foreign investment promotion board has been scraped to make investment procedure more simple

  • Now all the work to be done with the online procedure and SEBI will work toward better cyber security to manage this complex system of the investment

  • Special focus for the SEBI in near future will be commodity market to make it more competitive to give farmer reasonable price and lower down core inflation

  • Rescue by human chain to stranded whale

  • Recently lots of whale stranded from golden sea to coast of new Zealand and many found dead

  • Environmentalist and volunteers helping whale to return in golden sea nearly 200 whale rescued by this way

  • Whale generally found in group while migrating to warm water and work on basis of SONAR techniques to find out its way

  • It is first time incident of whale coming in super pod [ big group]