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Current affairs for ias-February 11

General Studies-01

  • Inequality create public despair

  • Inequality is problem all over the world and that fueling to global movement for equality

  • Because inequality > less income to major section > protest towards wealthy section >effect to law and order situation

  • Inequality create gap of have and have not > youth having radical mind tend to extremist activity

  • Rising inequality > riding of authoritarian rule because in capitalism money of a few person capable to win majority

  • Recently trickle down principle not working as much because there are lots of supply of worker present in market so exploitation can be done with lower salary

General Studies-02

Powerful drama to populism


  • After death of the extra populist leader and chief minister of the tamilnadu now leadership issue has been raised for chief minister post

  • AIDMK secretary sasiklala and ongoing temporary chief minister o paneerselvam and political drama getting momentum of the power

  • According to article 164 [2] if any person not member of the assembly can be chief minister and sasikala has same case

  • But in ruling of the supreme court in B.R. kapoor V/s tamilnadu stated that article 164 [2] is not power or eligibility but restriction placed on it.

  • Looking beyond our own species

  • Recent tamilnadu government order for the jallikatu show raise few question about right of animal and importance of the judicial order and impact of its breach by the state government

  • Tamilnadu government order to allow jallikatu is against the supreme court award in animal welfare board v/s NAGRAJ in which court ruled out that animal also have right to life under constitution and state government can not amend prevention of animal welfare act.1960

  • Animal protection march start with rukmani devi arundale known dancer with animal right protector > she bring private member bill as she was nominated member of rajya sabha > Nehru appreciated her effort and give surety about passing of prevention of cruelty to animal

  • Both state and central government can make law on animal welfare and if state government want to amend prevention of animal cruelty that it should take consideration from president

General Studies-03

  • Sariska national park

  • Sariska national park situated in alawar district of the Rajasthan have great biodiversity in the sense of bird and carnivorous

  • Recently man and animal conflict increasing due to pressure of the economic activity and population

  • When tiger extinct in sariska leopard have freedom in core area of the forest but after some time tiger reintroduces from Ranthambhor national park. Leopard forced to conflict with man and this will affect ecological balance of the sariska national park

  • New body for defense procurement

  • Defense procurement become job of the complex integrity structure and sovereignty of country

  • The government proposed defense procurement organization to integrate and streamline long and arduous process of defense acquisition

  • This organization will work under defense ministry to integrate whole process of the defense acquisition

  • Cabinet committee on security headed by the prime minister also increased procurement power of the defense minister.