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General Studies-01

GM mustard

  • Recently scientist have developed Dhara mustard hybrid [DMH 11]

  • Regulator to give permission of GM crop is genetically engineered crop approval committee [GEAC]

  • After the approval from environment minister got final approval

  • This will enhance nutritional value of the crop

  • Genetically modified crops have following benefit

  1. virus tolerance

  2. insect resistance

  3. herbicide tolerance

  4. drought resistance

  5. yield increase

  6. nutrition enhancement

Factor affecting indian monsoon

  • indian monsoon having world’s most complex weather phenomena on which international model working but no one have 100% accuracy

  • el Niño, indian ocean dipole, Tibet temperature, south easterly jet wind, etc

General Studies-02

SC on polygamy

  • SC start hearing on triple talaq

  • Currently Muslim man do not have to go court for talaq but women have to go for their right

  • Religion and fundamental right of women is different thing that should not be mixed for any purpose

MIND MAP SC on polygamy

General Studies-03

Augmented reality

  • It is algorithmic technique in which by use of camera we can understand or decide emotion or feeling .

  • This technology convert real life world experience

  • This will help in technology mission completion and maintenance

e-Krishi Samvad [PIB]

  • an online interface Farmers and stakeholders can directly approach ICAR with their problems

  • Appropriate solutions from specialists will be provided via SMS and Web

  • e-Krishi Samvad is internet-based interface and is a unique platform that will provide direct and effective solutions to the problems faced by farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture sector. 


  • WPI includes three components Manufactured products >Primary articles >Fuel and power

  • The WPI basket includes 676 commodities in total- all of these are only goods and whose prices are captured at the wholesale/producer level.

  • It is measured by Ministry of commerce and industry with base year as 2011-12

  • CPI inflation in India is calculated at the consumer level also by the mean of CPI.

  • CPI Industrial Workers, rban Non- Manual Employees, Agricultural Labour, Rural Worker

  • In India, RBI uses CPI (combined) released by CSO for inflation purpose with base year as 2012.


Q.1 consider the following statement about GM mustard is/are correct

1. it is developed by delhi university

2. government have approved it for commercial purpose

3. GEAC is authorize regulator in the matter of GM seed

A. 1 2 only

B. 2 3 only

C. 1 3 only

D. all of the above

Q.2 which of the following is/are the benefit of GM crops

  1. virus tolerance

  2. insect resistance

  3. herbicide tolerance

  4. drought resistance

  5. yield increase

  6. nutrition enhancement

A. 1 2 3 5 only

B. 1 2 3 4 5 6 only

C. 2 3 4 5 6 only

D. 1 2 3 4 6 only


Q.3 which of the following factor responsible for the sudden burst of monsoon

1. South easterly jet

2. Tibet temperature

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none


Q.4 which of the following right about CPI

1. Survey of CPI done by NSSO

2. This data helpful in inflation targeting

3. it has separate list for rural and urban

A. 1 2 only

B. 2 3 only

C. 1 3 only

D. all of the above


Q.5 which of the following is the base year for WPI and CPI

A. 2011-12

B. 2003-04

C. 2010-11

D. 2000-01




1 D
2 B
3 C
4 B
5 A




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