How to read Hindu for ExamHow to read Hindu News paper is most frequently asked question to us while interacting with lakhs of aspirants. If you are from professional courses like engineering or even a doctor then this will be a night mare.Somebody told me Even 24 hours wont be enough to cover it properly.Ideally you are not supposed to take beyond 2 hours ie, 120 minutes.Some days it takes just 30-40 minutes where as some other consumes 80-100 minutes as content is the king.A person just started with UPSC preparation always finds it difficult and complains about spending too much time reading the newspapers. And it is a genuine concern because if one spends 4-5 hours for newspapers, then his/her concern is justified.Dont worry time consumption will surely come down gradually as you learn what to read & what to skip with experience.But by reading this you are getting a Head Start so that you can do it in few days as we are sharing from our experience.So read fully;Don’t skip as you read Hindu daily.

Why Hindu reading is Important?

Its true,There are direct questions from Hindu in prelims,Mains & interviews.Since Current affairs is crucial in UPSC civil service examination and as per 2016 prelims there were around 60-70% current affairs which means its inevitable as you realise the cut off this year.Not only that It help you to familiarise to essay writing skill & comprehension for mains and extremely needed in interview too.So its MUST(repeat; in Capitals);None till now in my experience cleared UPSC with out Daily HINDU reading.Also None reads genuinely after getting enrolled..SO Do It AT LEAST FOR AN YEAR.We are providing daily relevant updates if Hindu is HARD NUT TO CRACK.
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Some facts you need to know about reading Hindu.

* It comes Daily;So complete it everyday.
* No one is interested in reading news paper.
* Its the most hated part of all government exams.
* Just throw away older garbage pending beyond 10 days.
* Don’t stare at the view point of news .
* Don’t keep physical copies with you;You wont go back.
* Make short notes/bullet points.
* avoid getting indulged in the political and non-significant controversies.

How to  read hindu by filter News for UPSC?

Just ask following 3 questions;If yes is answer,then go for it
1- Is it relevant to prelims/objective type?
2- Is it relevant to General studies/Essay?
3- Is it relevant in interview?
Don’t gaze at these questions ;all solutions are below 😀
  • Have the past question papers with you and keep referring to them,to understand how questions are asked .
  • Understand the issue rather than just reading word by word. After identifying the issue ,take down notes topic wise and not date wise.

Try to read hindu by Categorise  in few categories

 Divide Hindu news or issues in few categories like International Relations, Environment & Biodiversity, Personalities and Awards, Government Policies and Schemes, International Organisations, Economic Policies, Science and Technology etc.

 GENERALLY, Focus on,

*- Geography,Agriculture,Environment together
*- Economy,polity(Political Science)
*- IR/Defence 
*- Science & Tech
*- History Culture

You would notice that from the hindu  paper of each day, there are hardly 8-10 pieces of news items that would require your serious reading.

What to skip in Hindu News Reading?

  • The political statements regarding the political parties
  • The state news, city news
  • Articles related to relationships/philosophy etc.
  • The extra magazines that are available and finally, Read the front page selectively
  • Avoid reading pages 2,3,4 as they carry only news which varies from city to city and these are not so important in exam point of view.Won’t recommend focus Reading hindu in Sports news because it is never ask in the UPSC examination.
Selectivity & Sorting out is key to UPSC

What to read in HINDU? (Go ahead)

  1. Issues related to governance, the opinions of eminent personalities on the way government should function
  2. Pros and cons of the topics that are making headlines which relate to the syllabus
  3. Any recent disaster occurrence anywhere in the world
  4. International news if it is affecting India in any way
  5. India’s neighbours and how it affect india/ India’s News are important
  6. economic developments Recently are did by the Government of India, RBI , international organisations or Central banks of other important countries. Do not read the economy news related to the private enterprises
  7. New developments in India in the field of Science and Technology, say Space mission , Missile development or newly developed vaccination etc.
  8. News regarding the environment, says The Paris Summit, India’s Goals etc.
  9. Read Financial portion well because many regular as well as recent changes are available  in those sections.
  10. Read the last page of the newspaper very meticulously as many important information is provided there
  11. Focus on Supreme Court or High Court verdicts

What else needed for Hindu reading?

Further more reading  Hindu, one monthly magazine is must. You can use any few magazines that are available like civil services chronicle, competition wizard, civil services times etc. The magazines are to be studied only to remain updated with respect to current affairs.
 Identify schemes/policies/ initiatives of the government .For the prelims ,you will have to know
  • Objectives of the policy
  • Under which ministry /department / it operates.
  • Any special feature of the policy.
  • Who are the members (If its an organisation .eg.Inter State council)
  • Any constitutional provisions related to it .

Make notes of the What, Why and How?Don’t read 4-5 newspapers!One is enough

 In economy, some technical terms are there which one has to understand to fully understand the news. So, do purchase one good dictionary of economic terms. 

Do have a pen/pencil in your hand and underline every specific information you feel  will be helpful.


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