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General Studies-02

Smart cities with better planning

  • Smart city is flagship program of government to develop state of art cities with better citizen amenities
  • Major governance problem in our city is related to multi governance body that make system more complex and less responsibility
  • Moreover by the 74th amendment we have given enough power to our governance body but we lack of real power distribution because of state government want more power on city and give less financial resources to local body
  • By new scheme we only create new institute which add new complexity in system so we have to creative productive institute not mere comple system of rules and regulation
  • Singapore can provide us better model of smart city as this city have planning with creativity



General Studies-03

Promotion to electronic vehicle

  • Government should give tax and other law exemption to the production of electronic vehicles.
  • Because our fossil fuel based vehicle have two drawback one of fuel scarcity and another is pollution while electronic vehicle can be operated with solar and wind power that have less carbon footprint.
  • Major problem in production of electronic vehicle is affordability because of less research in this sector have high price.
  • Real problem now is batter because of less research focus in it but government and big brand should make partnership to make it affordable and usable for long life

Genetically modified crop

  • Recently scientist are doing research work on ragi verity to develop genetically modified form
  • This can eliminate food security issue and also help poor because of its bulk production by this research
  • Bengaluru university doing genome sequencing to develop better crop.

  • Genome sequencing or genetically modified form of ragi can help in food security, draught tolerance, bulk production, pest management, early production etc.

Human trial for malaria vaccine


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