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General Studies-01


Cloudburst in Himalayan region

  • Himalayan region is facing problem of cloud burst frequently.
  • Due to height of Himalaya, clouds have to go upward.
  • With increase in height ; temperature will go down.
  • At a point cloud capacity become optimum and burst suddenly.
  • This kind of incidence makes disaster because sudden break washed away area like dam broke out

General Studies-02


Post of president of india

  • Ram Nath Kovind enters Rashtrapati Bhavan with big win

  • India’s 14th President gets 65.6% of votes to beat joint Opposition candidate Meira Kumar

  • President of india is head of state elected by electoral college.
  • This electoral college consist of elected members of parliament an legislative assembly of state.
  • Person should have at least qualification of being member of lok sabha.
  • President voting to be done with single transferable vote and candidate have to get majority of vote to be elected.
  • President can be removed from office with procedure mentioned in constitution.

General Studies-03

HIV infection and treatment

  • HIV patient have many problem like diagnosis on time, social exclusion, access to medicine..etc
  • To solve this problem indian Pharma played vital role and made access to medicine very easy.
  • Government and many organization using marketing as means to increasing awareness about disease.