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General Studies-02


Pradhan mantri awas yojna

  • GM mustard
  • Genetically modified is one of the technique by which crop can be made draught resistance, early and higher production with less requirement of pest and chemical input
  • GM mustard being developed by the delhi university
  • Currently only cotton have GM or BT license to grow commercially
  • If anyone want commercial license have to apply body under ministry of environment that is genetically engineering appraisal committee [GEAC].
  • After that ministry of environment nod is also needed.


  • Scenario of indian police
  • Indian police lake primary target of law enforcement and people also not happy with quality service provided by the police
  • Police system need more reform and restructuring o make it acceptable to common people and professional
  • Policing need neutrality with creative engagement form higher level officer to motivate lower cadre for the work of people welfare and protection

General Studies-03

Medicinal plant in threat

  • This all the medicinal species threatened by over exploitation, less information with people and government lack conservation effort
  • Most of species with medicinal properties come under vulnerable status of IUCN

Egyptian vulture

  • Egyptian vulture noted as threatened and species by IUCN found in northern state
  • Recently breeding site found in Punjab university campus
  • It is good sign of habitation because vulture accommodating in human habitation
  • This is one of the globally threatened species
  • The Egyptian vulture(Neophron percnopterus),one among the globallythreatened vulture speciesfound in India, is classifiedunder the ‘Endangered’ (EN)red list of the InternationalUnion for Conversation ofNature (IUCN). The speciesis popularly known as safed giddh (white vulture) in
  • Egyptian vultures usuallybuild their nests on the cliffsof mountains, roofs ofbuildings and on tree-tops.The species rarely hunt itsfood — the birds mostly feedon carcasses of animals,birds and reptiles.