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General Studies-01

Kandhei jatra

  • Kandhei jatra is annual unique toy fair celebrated in Orissa
  • Celebration held on the day of guru purnima
  • This fair is a place where one can find earthen traditional toys

Terai and duar region

  • Terai is the region after bhabar in Himalayan region.
  • When river come into plain that region called bhabar which characterized by kanker in which river and stream disappear.
  • Terai is in southern part of bhabar in which stream and river reappear.
  • This region also have high bio diversity..
  • Duar is old lake valley formed by glacier movement ;now fill up with alluvial deposit.
  • So duar is broad valley.
  • This term was in news in relation of gorkhaland demand.

Declaration of Historic City of Ahmadabad as a UNESCO’s World Heritage [pib]

  • It is under the dynamic and visionary leadership of the Prime Minister of India that India has been successful in securing the nomination of the “Historic City of Ahmadabad” on UNESCO’s World Heritage.
  • This makes the walled city of Ahmedabad the first city in India and the third in Asia to be inscribed to the World Heritage List.
  • India now has overall 36 World Heritage Inscriptions with 28 Cultural, 07 Natural and 01 Mixed site.
  • Founded in 15th century, the walled city of Ahmadabad, on the eastern bank of the Sabarmati river, presents a rich architectural heritage.
  • The urban structures of the historic city of Ahmedabad are distinctive due to their puras (neighbourhoods), pols (residential streets), and khadki (inner entrances to pols) largely made of timber.


General Studies-02


Malabar exercise

  • Malabar exercise is one of the naval exercise among india, US and japan

mindmap-malabar 2017 naval exersice


G20 meet in Hamburg

  • Recently G20 meeting was held in Hamburg, Germany .
  • G20 is group of 20 developed and developing countries and this meeting show us capacity of world leader to work around trump
  • Electronics and automated digital economy now wants more focus on cyber security rather than Donald ‘s narrow view on globalization

General Studies-03

Cooperative solar power production

  • India and France have joined hand in Paris agreement about solar power production.
  • This initiative also called international solar alliance.
  • Countries between tropic of Capricorn and cancer can become its member as this country got more than 200 day sunlight.
  • This initiative have headquarter in gurugram.
  • But implementation of this initiative will be depend on how people react.
  • We can develop this on the model of cooperative society and state should provide subsidy to this society.
  • For power production solar panel being used with photo voltaic cell which is made form silicon.

Cyber security and network access

  • Recently some incident show that as network access increased the security problem also occurred
  • Rjio and NSE also become victim of this incident on that matter government should take step
  • This step will provide digital safety that is also one of the motive to make people faith on technology




  • It is one type of index present by national housing bank.
  • This index capture price of real estate in residential purpose.
  • NHB RESIDEX helps buyers and sellers to check and compare prices before entering a transaction.
  • They can also analyse the price trends across different cities both at composite level and product category level.
  • It helps lenders in credit evaluation. It provides promoters with a standardized tool to assess the housing demand.
  • Government agencies can monitor trends in macro and micro markets and predict future behavior of the housing market.

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