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General Studies-02

Freedom of expression

  • Freedom of expression and speech is core part of our fundamental right.
  • But the question is; Are we in a situation to express ourselves freely without any hesitation??
  • Article 19 proclaims this fundamental right to express.
  • Every activities of mankind express something different that ranges from cultural creativity to violent opposition.
  • What we think and apply is actually a process of expression but difference between thought and its application means lack of freedom or restraint.
  • Government can make reasonable restriction but there should be clarity in the definition of reasonableness.

Demand of statehood

  • Demand for statehood in indian federation is always a result of regional unbalanced growth or political advancement of people to get more representation
  • Now gorkhaland people demands separate statehood for that fact file given below

Mind map statehood

General Studies-03

Zero defect zero effect scheme

  • This scheme is sub part of make in india, to make indian market more competitive.
  • ZED will focus mainly on strategy of certification, productivity, technology, efficiency, intellectual property right etc.
  • Quality council of india has given apex role to check organization efficiency in MSME.

Internet and non state terrorism

  • When terrorism funded and supported by any political unit that is called state actor terrorism; while any voluntary group or person joins terrorism without state support is non state actor.
  • Internet has opened new opportunity to develop terrorism as virtual form of organization.
  • Its difficult to control as internet have no geographical or political border.
  • In the incident of terrorist attack by remote control with help of internet then cyber planner have to take appropriate step.


  • July 01 is the target date for government to implement this tax structure that is also called one nation one tax..
  • This tax system will also create nationwide market where no tariff among state and city.
  • Tax structure is easy to understand as it will eliminate complex multi tax system or cascading effect.
  • GST council decide tax rate.
  • The council comprise of central and state finance ministers.
  • Central GST, state GST and integrated GST will be differentiated.
  • But major problem for implementation is lack of awareness or misleading informations among people about technological skill and infrastructure, state cooperation, tax department staff training etc.


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