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General Studies-03

Spider web can cause allergy

  • Study by botanist show fungal and polan in sample that can cause skin disease and allergy.
  • Allergies are HYPER reaction of the immune system in number of way to triggers called allergens.


GST with new age

  • As GST will come into existence in a few days, india will transform into new era of economic development and public finance.
  • GST will affect every corner of country as this tax to be imposed from match box to gold but alcohol and petroleum is exception to this tax system.
  • It is digital, modern, transparent and easy to understand taxation system.
  • GST system have multi rate and multiple category system that is not as per promised one tax one nation principle.
  • In this system states have to give up their power to impose VAT that led to lack of financial federalism.
  • This is indirect tax;which means poor and wealthy are affected equally that called regressive tax system in language of public finance.


Atmospheric carbon dioxide

  • Satellite data show that concentration of carbon dioxide is highest over northern state while southern peninsula have lower ratio.
  • Reason for this high concentration is not clear yet but lack of carbon sink, more sources of pollution like forest fire.
  • Level of carbon dioxide increase in winter due to lack vegetation and effect of anti cyclonic situation.

atmosphere carbon dioxide

Gravitational wave and neutrino project

  • Gravitational wave was defined by Einstein that this is a wave that can travel at speed of light and can produced by collision of two heavy object like black hole.
  • Gravitational wave first detected by LIGO.
  • The only other particles that can zip through the universe at speeds very close to that of light are called neutrinos.
  • The biggest nuclear reactor that most life on earth derives energy is from the sun.
  • Like all nuclear reactors, in addition to giving out energy (heat and light), the sun also emits neutrinos.

General Studies-04

Justice P N Bhagvati : the person who changed judiciary

  • As indira gandhi in politics, P N Bhagvati was most influential person in judiciary.
  • Justice Bhagvati derive the line in what constituent the vital part of judiciary and what to do know.
  • But now reality is that judiciary working on marginal cases but not core issue that country now facing.
  • Bhagvati has started innovative idea of public interest litigation that changed the whole right to get justice
  • Bhagvati also proposed idea of nyay panchayat to solve problem of judicial accessibility
  • Lok adalat has been set up at lowest level to increase judiciary speed and lower down burden of court
  • In Minerva mils case bhagvati awarded that DPSP is above than fundamental right

Current affairs Quiz

Q.1 which of the following come under exemption list of GST

  1. Alcohol
  2. Petroleum
  3. gold

A. 1 2 only

B. 2 3 only

C. 1 3 only

D. all of the above

Q.2 consider the following statement about carbon concentration

  1. There is higher concentration in north India than south india
  2. More concentration in winter month than in summer

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none


Q.3 consider the following statement about gravitational and neutrino waves

  1. Gravitational wave produces from collision of black hole
  2. Neutrino wave produce from nuclear action

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none


Q.4 who among the following can file public interest litigation

A. affected person

B. any person

C. both

D. none


Q.5 consider the following statement about lok adalat is/are correct

  1. lok adalat work on the base of natural justice principle
  2. order given by lok adalat can not be appeal in any court of justice

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none







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