All our MAINS courses have - DAILY ANSWER REVIEW & PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS with 24 hours live support additional to 35 prelims tests + 29 mains tests+Daily answer writing questions+ interview guidance and much more. CLICK HERE for details

As you all know our popular courses were closed to maintain quality of services like individual care & daily answer review. We got 1000s of request for special entry in last few days. So we decided to open all courses for FIRST 100 ASPIRANTS from 10AM on independence day. This will be purely based on first come first serve basis.  Those who prebooked earlier can pay as offered during booking (irrespective of time limit)

PRELIMS to LIFETIME GUARANTEE courses open from 10 AM.
Courses will be closed automatically on 100th registration.

If you requested/waiting for opening, Then come online by 9:50 tomorrow to enroll to your course. Else simply ignore this notification.

Nb: Last time 250 entries giveaway got closed in 30 minutes. 

QUERIES ? Shoot a mail to [email protected]

Update: All courses are open from 10AM as promised. DAILY REVIEW SPECIAL & 3 months elite got filled in first 10 minutes whereas MAINS BOOSTER in 15 minutes.  Remaining are getting filled faster. There is a cap of 100 entries per course today. You can track filling below.


  1. Prelims 2018 –Course moved to Prelims 2019 –CLICK HERE
  2. WRITING SKILL DEVELOPMENT 2018 |course moved to WSD2019 –Special entry filled
  3. DAILY REVIEW Special 2018 –Only for prelims cleared aspirants- Special entry filled
  4. DAILY REVIEW (Special) 2019 – Affordable version of daily reviewSpecial entry filled
  5. Weekend batch –Special entry filled
  6. ELITE –3 months answer writing course Special entry filled
  7. MAINS 2019 test series – 29 tests scheduled – Special entry filled
  8. MAINS 2018 -ULTIMATE BOOSTER |Registration closed as reached maximum intake
  9. ESSAY 2018 -|Special entry filled
  10. MAINS 100 DAYS -| Registration closed as reached maximum intake
  11. MASTER PLUS 2018 – Course moved to MASTER PLUS 2019 – Special entry filled
  12. PREMIUM 2018 – Course Moved to PREMIUM 2019-  Special entry filled
  13. LIFETIME GUARANTEE –Special entry filled

If you wish to join with us ,BUT short of cash right now? Then Mail [email protected]