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General Studies-01

Rabindranath tagore

  • Son of debendranath tagore and leader of brahmo samaj.

  • First asian nobel prize winner for work of gitanjali.

  • Amar sonar bangla that is national anthem of bangladesh written by him.

General Studies-02

Tumuni the model village of swaraj

  • Tumuni village from Orissa give us idea about mahatma gandhi dream village.

  • This village have village management committee that take decision on village affairs and justice is so fair no one have to go police station.

  • Village people manage water conservation and forest protection drive with self discipline.

  • Village also have collective fund that to be distributed as loan to farmer and no one have default record.


  • Ujwal discom assurance yojna which aim to debt management of the electricity distribution firm.

  • State government will take 75 % of the discom debt to revive position of companies while remaining 25 % will be collected through issuing bond.

  • Scheme is optional for states to join.

  • This will insure better electricity production and 24/7 electricity service.

Discom mind map


  • Government propose to tap fund in MNREGA to rejuvenate saraswati river that is the paleochannel.

  • Paleo channel means, the river channel remains that are found in particular area which is not in existence like saraswati river, chandrabhaga river near UNESCO heritage sight konark sun temple.

  • Comes under Rural Development ministry.

  • Promises minimum 100 days of unskilled manual work To each rural household. (not to each person).

  • 1/3rd women participation.

  • Unemployment allowance, if you can’t get work within 15 days.

  • MNREGA Wages are linked with CPI inflation for Agricultural.

General Studies-03


  • Published by the economic advisor in ministry of commerce and industry.

  • WPI include fuel. Metal, food, chemical, mineral, chemical, coal, electricity etc.

Kanampuzha river

  • Kanampuzha river got its new birth after haritha keralam project for river rejuvenation

  • People voluntarily joined this march for sustainable water conservation as south india this year under severe draught condition.

Indigenous water purifier

  • Indigenous water purifier developed that called tamras.

  • This device use copper that is capable to remove pathogens from water.

  • Other disease bacteria also destroyed if water keep in copper vessel and this techniques called chemical prevention therapy.


Q.1 consider the following statement about rabinandranath tagore

1. he was first asian to win nobel peace prize

2. he was also leader of brahmo samaj

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none


Correct Answer: Option C


Q.2 consider the following statement about UDAY scheme

1. this is distribution company of electricity assurance company

2. under this scheme 75 % of debt of discom will take over by central government

3. it is voluntary for every discom to adopt it


A. 1 2 only

B. 1 3 only

C. 2 3 only

D. all of the above

Correct Answer: Option B


Q.3 consider the following statement about MNREGA

1. 1/3 women worker reservation though more than 50 % women participitation observed.

2. wages linked with rural CPI.

3. unemployment allowances given if not provide work in one month.

A. 1 2 only

B. 2 3 only

C. 1 3 only

D. all of the above

Correct Answer: Option A


Q.4 which of the following is/are the example of paleo channel

1. saraswati

2. chandrabhaga

3. luni


A. 3 only

B. 1 2 only

C. 2 3 only

D. 1 3 only

Correct Answer: Option B


Q.5 copper have property of

1. anti pathogens

2. anti fungus

3. anti bacterial


A. 1 2 only

B. all

C. none

D. 1 3 only

Correct Answer: Option D