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General Studies-01


Mujiris project

  • The Biennale, which is today known as the People’s Biennale, has become an integral part of the cultural calendar of our country. It has rejuvenated Kerala’s longstanding contribution to visual arts and culture, and cemented Kochi’s status as a cosmopolitan city brimming with potential and ideas.

  •  Contemporary art is one of the most significant ways of expressing thoughts, emotions, concerns and ideas that are current, that are relevant to us in the time we live in.

  • The fact that Kerala, this land of history and tradition, now hosts the largest show of contemporary art in the region, and that too a show that was seeded by government, speaks to the unique ways of this state and its people.

  •  Kerala has always been known for its secular approach towards art and culture. The Kochi-Muziris Biennale is a proud symbol of this approach and the sense of oneness and inclusivity that exists here.

  •  The Kochi Biennale Foundation has made a wonderful innovation in attempting to use art to link the historic legacy of present-day Kochi with the rich cultural influences of its predecessor Muziris, a financial and trade centre that was believed to have been vanished in floods in 1314 A.D. The event’s resounding success can be gauged from the fact that it has so far attracted more than a million visitors.

Raja ravi verma

  • Known painter in the time of colonial period and worked mostly in mysuru to give new lease of life to indian painting style.

  • Recently in the mark of 170 birthday beyond the arc named documentary also presented.

General Studies-02



  • When voter presses EVM button, printer generates a paper slip This paper slip contains serial number of voter name and symbol of the candidate for whom the vote has been cast.

  • paper slip will remain visible to the voter for seven seconds, through a glass covered window. Then it’ll automatically fall in a sealed box.

  • Later EC can use these slips for crosschecking / physical verification of votes during recounting.

  • Some parties allege that EVM machines can be manipulated. VVPAT is developed to clear an air over authenticity of the EVMs (Electronic Voting Machine). Helps physical verification /crosschecking votes. Will help to resolve the election disputes.

Triple talaq and sharia law

  • Sharia law is the Islamic personal law still effect in india that provide for triple talaq.

  • Triple talaq means giving divorce just uttering talaq thrice by husband to wife.

  • Recently this topic making news and government want to bring uniform civil code under article 44 that is directive principle of state policy.

  • But Islamic group opposing it on the name of the minority personal religious right.

  • But court can decide what constitute core of the religious and in pas decision court have also ordered about breach of fundamental right in implementation of DPSP because of common good involved.

General Studies-03

More spending on infrastructure

  • Why because our infrastructure lack world class quality as well as quantity.

  • State now after finance commission recommendation of 42 % share pool has more financial power.

  • Also india have vast geographical diversity so state can decide best suited and infra that should be given priority.

  • Infra. Give mobilization to the economic activity and make it more vibrant.

More spending on infrastructure


Q.1 consider the following statement about mujiris is/are correct

1. it was major financial and marketing and exporting port of india in medieval time

2. it is situated in Karnataka

3. it was destroyed because of tsunami

A. 1 only

B. 1 3 only

C. 1 2 only

D. all of the above

Correct Answer: Option A


Q.2 consider the following statement about raja ravi verma is/are correct

1. he was painter of colonial time who unveil luxury of mysuru

2. recently beyond the arc documentary presented on them

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct Answer: Option C

Q.3 consider the following statement about VVPAT is/are correct

1. it is mandatory to use in every election by ECI

2. this paper trail voter can take with himself/herself

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct Answer: Option D

Q.4 consider the following statement about directive principle of state policy

1. it can not be implemented through court

2. it can override fundamental right

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct Answer: Option C

Q.5 by which means state can get financial support from centre

1. grant in aid

2. tax sharing

3. loan

4. special state category

A. 1 2 3 only

B. 1 2 3 4only

C. 1 2 4 only

D. 2 3 4 only

Correct Answer: Option B



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