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General Studies-01

Champaran Satyagraha [PIB]

  • Gandhi come to india after finishing their degree and practice in Africa in January 1915 that day also celebrated today as pravasi bhartiya divas on that day remembrance

  • After that Rajendra shukla of bihar invited gandhi to look into matter of teenkathiya system by Britain colonialism and situation of the bihar peasant

  • Teenkathiya system means farmer have to grow Britain want crop in 1/3 part of their land

  • Britain order to grow indigo in this area for their textile industry because in first world war they loss their indigo producing area

  • Constant indigo cultivation also degrade land and Britain not giving satisfied price of that produce

  • Gandhi start agitation while district administration order him to leave the district immediately

  • Gandhi take help of the student and volunteers to conduct survey on condition of the farmer and give report to government and solve the issue

Water crisis in south india

  • South india now facing severe draught condition with hydrological deficit in soil that led to water crisis

  • Major reservoir making empty mark and problem arise about drinking water

  • Southern peninsula being hard rock area difficult to get ground water and also major part come under rain shadow area of the western ghats

  • El nino and negative indian ocean dipole make situation more complicated since last three year

  • Wild life affected most by this situation because of lack of drinking water and forest fire due to lack of humidity in forest due to severe heat wave attack

Channakeshava temple

  • This temple situated in belur 900 year old being a master peace of the hoysala architecture

  • The temple was constructed by Vishnuvardhana of Hoysala dynasty and is a monument recognised by the ASI. It attracts thousands
    of tourists from different parts of the country and abroad.

  • Considered to be the first temple of Hoysala style, it was built between 1106 and 1117, according to Srivatsa Vati, a historian and an expert in Hoysala architecture.

  • Soon after winning a war in 1104, Vishnuvardhana took up construction of the temple, and according to an inscription, the temple was ready by March 1117

General Studies-02

Women representatives of Panchayats [pib]

  • 73rd and 74th constitutional amendment act formulate local governance body called panchayat system

  • Under this 33% of the seat reserved for the women particularly but ground reality is that majority of this post only held by the women real power used by the male partner

  • So empowerment of this elected women needed for that training and skill enhancement workshop can be arranged .

  • These women representatives will have to be trained in order to ensure that they take up the responsibility of all the tasks entrusted upon them on being

  • The women sarpanches can be helpful in taking these schemes to the people at the grassroots level, These schemes include Fasal Beema Yojana, Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, Suraksha Bima Yojana, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana, maternity benefits schemes among others. Apart from this, the training programme will help to raise these women to the next level of leadership.

General Studies-02

SAUNI Yojana [pib]

  • This is the ambitious plan of the Gujarat government for the drinking and irrigation facility from sardar sarovar dam project

  • This scheme specially focus semi arid and arid region of the saurastra region in kathiavad peninsula

  • Geographically this region have unique topography with radial drainage system because of central highland area

  • SAUNI (Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation) Yojana is the full name of the scheme

Man and animal conflict

  • Ecosystem always make balance by creating food chain and food web through tropic level

  • But population and ambition of the man increases without considering sensitivity toward other living component of the earth

  • In this conflict there are casualties of both side and recent incident also show the way in which people also affecting the working of the forest department

  • When sensitivity toward living being die then conflict and teasing to animal become act of entertainment.

Ice melting and climate change

  • Ice melting and freezing was daily phenomena at the time of the interglacial period about 10000 years ago.

  • Global warming and green house gas concentration cause ice of the arctic and Antarctic to melt.

  • Interglacial period also have effect on earth orbit and its movement.

  • This is the anthropogenic age of climate as recently declared because today climate majorly affected by the human being not any outside influence.

Current affairs Multiple Choice Quiz

Q.1 consider the following statement about champaran satyagraha is/are correct

1. this satyagraha mainly fought with non violence

2. Raj Kumar shukla invited gandhi to visit bihar

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none


Correct answer: Option C


Q.2 consider the following statement about indigo plantation is/are correct

1. it is tropical plant can only be grown in humid area

2. gangetic basin is the most favored area for this

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct answer: Option C


Q.3 consider the flowing statement about channakeshava temple

1. it is situated in Orissa

2. built by the hoysala king in vesara style

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. both

D. none

Correct answer: Option A


Q.4 what do you understand by term SAUNI which recently making in news

A. government project on women panchayat representation

B. government project on irrigation and drinking water

C. river interlinking project

D. none

Correct answer: Option B

Q.5 consider the flowing statement about anthropoacene age

1. it is age of human being development 500 0 years ago

2. this period climate have major impact by human being

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

Correct answer: Option B

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