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Tribal development remains poor, says Ministry report.

 Survey of the tribal development ministry state below statistics
1. tribal women have highest ratio of anemic women
2. highest child and women mortality
3. education status on increasing but gross enrollment and drop out are on negative path
4. absolute poverty decreasing but relatively poor
5. rehabilitation becoming major issue in after effect of the development.

Excluded from financial inclusion

 After demonetization financial inclusion plan become vital but there are also some excluded group who have only option of suffering because bank deny bank and digital payment facilities even independent account not opened for disable.
 Commercial bank really working on commercial motive so disable person deny this services as that can become burden for bank rather than any profit
 After jan dhan yojana there was wish about change but this criteria not changed and denial process become regularity for divyang
 Then what should be done
1. special bank for disable
2. special facilities for disable like wheel chair and dedicated officer
3. guidance
4. unable to go bank then bank should go there.


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Health Ministry, AIIMS to set up National Death Registry.

Union health ministry with collaboration of the AIIMS want to start national death registry
 This registry aim to provide data about death and cause of death in all hospital of india
 Currently health is state subject and so this disruption in health sector is because of non-cooperation between state
 Center government take this action for following reason
1. this registry become legal proof for person death
2. this registry works as big data source so policy maker can make policy by this data about which dieses and what burden of that disease.
3. this also allows government to identify unknown person in the time of calamities.

Afghanistan, India, and Trump.

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 After national security issue in Afghanistan in 2001 America performing big brother role and providing security by American troop
 Now Afghanistan are on the track so international security assistance force [ISAF] withdrawing from Afghanistan with
normal troop now presence in Afghanistan to provide critical coverage in situation
 If peace restored and normal condition prevailed than Afghanistan have capacity to build its image by having world youngest population over 60% population is in young age.

Nepal rejects India’s ‘open sky’ offer.

India give offer to Nepal about open sky policy means india and Nepal have no limitation over air operation between both countries.
 But Nepal refused it and said it now in agreement with china so its not good time for it.
 Nepal attitude changed after blockade by india which led to standstill of life in Nepal
 What is interest of india in Nepal
1. as strategic state of buffer
2. demand from Nepal
3. social and cultural bond
4. india-Nepal friendship treaty 1950.

Antlers could end up in medicines.

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Antlers of spotted dear or sambhar can be used for ayurvedic medicines purpose says recent studies of the kerala state wild life board and national wild life board.
 This antlers are the extension of the dears skull and can be used in in medicine but this will be harmful for the dear as this can led to hunting and illegal poaching
 This antlers found in sambhar, spotted dear, and barking dear species
 Wild life protection act 1972 include this dear in definition of wild and forest is concurrent subject so any decision on
that should be approved by central government
 Wildlife and wildlife trophy owned by government and can not be used without permission of the chief wild life warden.

Villagers agree to sell land for Kovvada project.

 Kovada in Andhra Pradesh biggest site for atomic power generation which attract more than 1 lakh investment
 Villagers consent is mandatory to get environmental ministry nod under environment impact assessment and social impact assessment under land acquisition act.
 Please try to refer geographical feature of nearby area of kovada.

Chronicle of a conflict foretold.

Manipur become true example of the geographical revenge as geography become reason for social crisis.
 In this problem reason is not political but homeland and monopoly over them but none have rational proof regarding this problem so everyone blaming and adopting conventional way to blockade
 What actually problem is different
1. geographical situation >
2. lack of transport or connectivity >
3. Lack of mainstreaming >
4. Non want to work there and government services comewith great effort >
5. Lack of government scheme led to exclusion philosophy >
6. Poverty >
7. Extremism activity >
8. Finally blockade [ if government can not serve them then they believe that government have no governance right over them].

Neither cultural nor revolutionary.

Recent demonetization and cashless economy process termed by government as cultural revolution but its not cultural and nor revolutionary
 Cultural exist from people not need of incentive as government giving now its economical attraction
 Revolution starts by the people against existing system but this one form executive order mere.
 Culture revolution better lead to if government take step towards uniform civil code or repeal of khap panchayat.

Panel moots ‘handling’ levy on cash payments.

Wattle panel has constituted on digital payment and to handle it smoothly.
 Committee recommend following matter
1. Levy charge on cash payment
2. Free some legal provision like pan card limit of Rs.200000 from Rs.50000
3. Relief in KYC norms.

 Birds with larger brains survive climate change.

 Adaptation is major strategy for climate fight by natural creature in which they made changes in bodies chemical, physical and biological changes.
 Bird is for runner in this race because they have developed increasing brain size to search food in critical area and

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Beyond this Have Brief about todays Current affairs;

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1. Nepal rejects India’s ‘open sky’ offer (Relevant for GS Prelims and Mains Paper II)

2. Year in Review of Kashmir front (Relevant for GS Prelims and Mains Paper II)

3. Watal panel for law to protect digital payers (Relevant for GS Prelims and Mains Paper II)

4. Suresh Kalmadi, accused in CWG scam, appointed Life President of Indian Olympic Association (Relevant for GS Mains Paper II)

5. Evaluation of Passport reforms (Relevant for GS Prelims and Mains Paper II)

6. Cheetahs ‘sprinting’ towards extinction, only 7,100 left: Study (Relevant for Prelims).

⛳ News of the Day

Nepal rejects India’s ‘open sky’ offer (Relevant for GS Prelims and Mains Paper II).

‘Open sky’ offer rejected by Nepal:
Nepal has rejected India’s ‘open sky’ offer to allow unlimited flights between the two countries.

What is open sky offer?
Open Sky Policy: Open sky refers to an agreement between two countries to allow any number of airlines to fly from either of them without any restriction on number of flights, number of destinations, number of seats, price and so on.

Why India is interested in engaging with Nepal via Open Sky Policy:
India has been keen on countering Nepal’s recent engagement with China on the road, railways and port connectivity.

Current Status:
Airlines from India and Nepal are now allowed to operate 30,000 seats from each side.

Nepal has long been pushing for new airspaces to ease congestion on the existing routes and to save time and cost for air passengers.

India and Nepal signed a memorandum of understanding to set up a joint technical committee to examine Nepal’s request for developing new air routes and air entry points at Janakpur, Bhairahawa and Nepalgunj.

India’s Open sky agreement with other nations:
The latest development comes days after India signed an agreement with Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Guyana, Czech Republic, Finland and Spain to allow airlines to operate unlimited flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Among SAARC countries, India doesn’t have any ‘open sky’ agreement with Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan. It allows unlimited flights from Bangladesh and Maldives at 18 domestic airports, from Sri Lanka at 23 airports, and from Bhutan at all its airports.

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