Pollution in Delhi is a growing emergency and could reach real dangerous levels if treated with the usual sluggish, ad hoc measures. Discuss alternative measures to such as odd-even scheme to fight pollution in Delhi ?

Reference:-The Indian Express

Topic: Urbanization – problems and remedies

Delhi pollution_remedies-UPSCMajor Indian cities are facing an urgent need to check pollution levels to provide a healthy environment to it’s citizens. Various laws like Environment Protection Act 1986 , Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981…etc are already in place to check this menace but little success has been achieved so far. Heart of the nation has been struggling for fresh air in the closed gas chamber,But recently the dangerous level of PM particles raises an alarm to either continuing this state of emergency(closed schools,offices etc) by sticking to the sluggish measures or to approach for more effective long term solution.Alternative methods that could help are:

In case of vehicular pollution in Delhi

Adoption of Car Pool Lane (CPL)/ High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) as in US, Canada which encourages people to car pool instead of commuting solo.

A congestion charge may be levied on vehicles entering congested areas as in Stockholm, to discourage them from using vehicles during peak hours.

Government subsidy on sustainable , non-polluting transportation choices like cycles, electric cars which have zero emissions.

Encouraging people to opt for public transport. Making it free of charge for a few days can make it an attractive choice.

Awareness among people must be increased by organizing cycling marathon etc.

Impose Fine on Single travellers in Cars: Mostly, cars with one travellers are visible on roads results pollution and traffic jams.Hence, imposing tax on lack of fundamental duty towards environment should be created.

Companies providing work-from-home option to their employees could be given tax exemptions to encourage more companies to follow the suit.

Adopting BH-6 can also be a good leap towards.

Restricting old poor conditioned vehicles…etc

In case of Industrial pollution in delhi

Heavy tax on industries: which are discharging their waste directly in freshwater sources such as in Yamuna River.

Polluting industries should be relocated outside City and those industries should be convinced to reduce their pollution to as low as possible and Complying the industries to have pollution control equipments.

Stringent measures to check plastic burning and discharge of industrial effluents in the water bodies.

Tax exemptions needs to be provided for industries which will take measures to reduce its waste release.

Stringent policies of NGT and penalties against the wrongdoers like cancellation of license,fines etc., Compulsory CSR for environmental protection.

-Burning of crops in vicinity areas which add to Delhi’s pollution woes.

Sensitising farmers about damage caused to land fertility and pollution due to burning.

Modifying crop harvesting machines so they don’t leave much residue.

Adopting new croping pattern in punjab and haryana, as economic survey 2013-14 said horticulture
mexico model of geo engineering where metro pillars designed to increase green cover

Using crop residues in power plants & providing proper management of crop residue.

Provide subscidies or technical support for farmers to have alternate ways beyond buring straws.

OTHER: loss of vegetation cover,trees,throwing of litters openly on roads, road dust, etc.

proper waste management; nudging people towards trees plantation;proper disposal of wastes.

routine vaccum cleaning of roads ;proper implementation of SWACHH BHARAT MISSION,NIRMAL BHARAT MISSION etc.

Adopting best practices from the world. Super Tree technology of Peru can be adopted, by using a air filtration system to remove CO2 from the air, Road space rationing as implemented in Mexico and Beijing.

Government should imply on private companies to encourage work from home benefits for decrease in pollution and cost for private companies.

Restriction can be put in advance of festival times announcement through radio ; social media to maintain overall level of pollution on lump basis under control.

According to article 51A(g) of constitution , every citizen has a duty to protect and improve the environment. Hence a behavioural change of the citizen is required to curb pollution. Implement the swachh bharat,PAHAL in letter and spirit. NGO,civil society ,media awareness etc. can play an important role.

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