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G.S.-02 current affairs notes

  • New health policy 2017

  • Central government publish new public health policy for the year of 2017 which include increase in GDP expenditure on health that is now 2.5 %

  • More government funding means less out of pocket expenditure and poor people can also get quality health service

  • Prevention given major promotion rather than cure to make demographic dividend more productive

  • This more expenditure means more access to health service and universal health care can be achieved

  • Government now will target vulnerable social group like tribal group that are most vulnerable to various disease and lack of awareness

  • Government will now promote research to make medicine most effective and economic

  • Public health management cadre will be established for the state specific planning and to take benefit of expert doctor

  • Insure universal access of drug that make no economic barrier on precious health of the person

  • Government will now manage medical tool quality and standard. And this medical tools also can be used for the betterment of people in which access to technology is biggest medical problem of india

  • Increasing life expectancy form 67 year to 70 year in next five year by making quality medical services accessible

  • Central level tribunal to be set up for the redressal of the grievances

  • Censor board and need of reform in it.

  • Recently censor board come with another ban on film with its series of the ban

  • This time censor board ban film which shows the freedom of ones own and barrier

  • Hear problem come from not film or one shot but real problem lies in the regulation of the film and ideology problem in film permission

  • Censor board should give enough freedom to the film maker and public should become enough rational while producer should not play with emotion of the people because its main objective is entertainment

  • Vision 2030 for the disable

  • The national institute of transforming india (NITI) is formulating a Vision for 2030 document. This document is coterminous with the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), all 17 of which equally affect persons with disabilities as they do any other citizen.

  • Disability is still seen as an opportunity for dispensing charity rather than as a development or a human rights issue.

  • Persons with disabilities must be seen as integral to the decision-making process and not as an afterthought. They must be mentioned in the outcome metrics denied for each goal, target or indicator, and these matrices must elaborate specific strategies for persons with disabilities. There must be seven-year checkpoints for ministries or departments to assess the outcomes. Fair and adequate representation of disability groups during the consultation process is imperative.

G.S.-03 current affairs notes

  • GST laws ready for the state assembly

  • Goods and service tax 122nd amendment to the constitution now ready with tax slab

  • State assembly GST draft now ready to be passed by the state assembly which have finalize tax slab and cess rate with state and central distribution

  • Tobacco and luxurious product will have higher tax rate to make it balances of progressive because GST being the indirect tax come under regressive tax system because it will hits poor and rich on same line

  • There will four slab of the taxes that is 5 to 28 % tax rate will be there.

  • Formulation of the tax structure will be state GST, central GST and integrated GST

  • There will be highest tax and cess on demerit or sin good include product of health hazard like tobacco and alcohol

  • The environment cess on coal, lignite and peat has been capped at the existing rate of ₹400 per tonne.

  • Return to normal

  • US federal bank raise interest rate second time in three month shows toward normal monetary policy from negative rate

  • This also hope for the world economy as worlds most powerful bank see bright and expanding future for the world economy

  • This gradual increasing trend is to adjust slowly developing economy with price stability in the market to avoid any risk in economy

  • Investors worldwide are bound to feel more reassured that one of the world’s key economic engines is in good shape and that should bode well for global demand. India’s exporters, including of software services, are also likely to see a silver lining in the Fed chief’s reference to a distinct firming in business investment, after having been soft in 2016, that has helped put business sentiment at “favourable levels”