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G.S.-02 current affairs notes

  • Case of floor test in state assembly

  • Floor test is the composite case in which governor of the state doubt about majority or no party get clear majority

  • when any party claim power without clear majority though governor can not seek floor test but if court order it then procedure take place

  • governor or court can not suspend chief minister without taking floor test as judgment given in the case of uttar Pradesh assembly

  • there should be proper guidelines or constitutional amendment in the time of emergency in the state and constitutional power should not be wasted for the shake of political interest

  • Aadhaar mandatory for government scheme benefit

  • Aadhaar bill as passed by the government in form of the money bill under definition on constitution article 110

  • This bill seek Aadhaar to be mandatory for the every benefit of government scheme benefit

  • This opposed by the supreme court judgment and Aadhaar not to be mandatory for the benefit

  • Aadhaar also violate fundamental right of person right to privacy included under right to life.

  • Enemy property bill in parliament

  • Enemy property means enemy individual, firm, government property that is now under custody of india government

  • This law first implemented after india Pakistan war in 1965 because of lots of issue of both country property after partition

  • Another law now introduce to amend some clauses to make government power that they can sell property of person who have sky scraping NPA and fled to other country

G.S.-03 Current affairs

  • digital divide

  • present government now in mission mode for the digital economy or less cash economy but data on internet use make this proposal baseless

  • only 9.9 % rural population able to use smart phone and internet so first need of ours is the digital inclusive development

national sample survey data reveal grim picture of digital india

  • above stated national sample survey data reveal grim picture of digital india

  • Computing ability was defined as a user’s ability to operate a desktop, laptop, palmtop, notebook, smartphone and tablets.

  • Data on access to gas, electricity or kerosene for clean cooking indicate a wide gap between rural and urban consumption. While 14.9% of rural population has access to clean cooking, the figure goes up to 76.4% in urban areas.

  • How to fill this gap is the major problem of government and without digital access mission never can be completed.

  • Landslide problem in Himalayan area

  • Landslide is major problem for Himalayan state for the connectivity and recently making news because this landslide block Jammu and Kashmir vital road

  • Himalayan region affected mostly by the problem of the landslide because

  1. steep slopes

  2. temperature difference [make fracture in rocks]

  3. rain and snow melting

  4. Construction activity and unsustainable human settlement

  • Government should promote ecological balance of the area by regulating economic and resource exploitation activity

  • Tourism being major problem that make this sensitive ecological balance more vulnerable to disaster as we have seen in the case of the uttrakhand disaster

  • New species of frog

  • New species of the frog that can glow in the dark found in Argentina named polka dot tree frog

  • It is first fluorescent frog that appear yellow and green in normal light and green in dark light

  • Many ocean creature have this capability like fish, shark, and sea turtle on the land fluorescent known only to the parrot and some scorpion species

  • It is unclear why animals have this ability, although explanations include communication, camouflage and mate attraction, researchers said in a paper that appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Scientists expected to find red fluorescence in these frogs from a pigment called biliverdin.

  • Coral bleaching in Indonesia

Coral bleaching in Indonesia

  • A British-owned cruise ship has smashed into pristine coral reefs, causing extensive damage in a remote corner of Indonesia known as one of the world’s most bio diverse marine habitats.

  • The accident has damaged an estimated 13,500 sq.m. of coral reef, which could cost up to $16.2 million to restore

  • There has been outrage in the local tourism industry which relies on Raja Ampat’s natural wonders for its survival.

  • Coral reef are the marine creature combination of the zooxanthale and polyps live on the relation of the symbiosis.

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