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G.S.-01 current affairs notes

  • Chennai team to tap to read Indus script

  • Indus valley civilization is among the one of the earliest civilization contemporary of Egypt and hawang ho civilization of china

  • Indus valley civilization have its own script but not deciphered yet

art and culture

  • The Indus script has long challenged epigraphists because of the difficulty in reading and classifying text and symbols on the artefacts. Now, a Chennai-based team of scientists has built a programme which eases the process.

  • The algorithms come under a class of artificial intelligence called “deep neural networks.” “These have been a major part of the game changing technology behind self driving cars and Go-playing bots that surpass human performance

  • The Indus valley script is much older than the Prakrit and TamilBrahmi scripts. However, unlike the latter two, it has not yet been deciphered because a bilingual text has not yet been found.


  • Maoist attack in sukma

  • Maoist or naxalist is the radical activity in which youth trained to make tension in law and order situation

  • Naxalism is among the biggest threat to national security as 1/3 of the district affected by that.

  • Recent attack in sukma district of the Andhra Pradesh led to death of group of the CRPF man

  • For the elimination of this problem government started special programme named green hunt program

  • This program give extra ordinary power to the armed personnel but was this practice is sustainable ?

  • Because our aim is to kill the idea not the person because death of the osama bin laden didn’t end the terrorism.

  • So government should start welfare program and access to this basic services in this area should be primary focus area.

  • Monkey problem for crops in Himachal Pradesh

  • Rhesus monkey that found around the state found hazardous for the farm in the state

  • Farmer affected by this with great economic loss and government not giving any benefit

  • Man and animal conflict also have affect on the animal and biodiversity as we can see in the case of elephant in southern region

  • Problem of infant mortality ratio

  • Infant mortality means death of child per 1000 child before completing of 1 year of age

  • In india nearly 32 children from 1000 can’t see its first birthday that is big problem

  • UNICEF and UNIFPA working toward this to make this ratio lower level death audit of district wise will have good effect to implementation of child welfare plan

  • New clone of MRSA found

  • A new clone of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is exclusive to Kochi, has been identified. The new clone, christened ‘t15669 MRSA’, is unique to seafood and the aquatic environment of Kerala.

  • Scientists at the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), Kochi, identified the new clone while assessing the prevalence of MRSA in seafood and the environment.

  • MRSA can lead to diseases ranging from milder form of skin infections, boils, furunculosis to lifethreatening septicemia and bacteraemia from post-surgical contamination. The situation turns worse given their resistance to wide range of drugs, warned the researchers.

  • The emergence of MRSA has been identified as a health concern globally since the 1960s. However, little information is available on the prevalence of MRSA and its clonal characteristics in seafood and the aquatic environment.

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