Current affairs Notes for IAS UPSC

February 17 2017

General Studies -01

  • Triple talaq issue

  • Triple talaq is Islamic practice of divorce in which male partner can divorce his wife by just uttering talaq trice….

  • Court had intervened in this case at time of shah bano case but islam union opposing it on the name of religious protection to minority

  • Many Islamic country also banned it like iran, Saudi Arabia and Koran have no this kind of description at all

  • This issue later on become political point to drive women vote bank but now judiciary will bring this issue to constitutional bench

  • There are many benches in supreme court for the nature of the cases like division bench, constitutional benches

  • Constitutional bench including chief justice can interpret constitution while in this case they will decide if triple talaq affect fundamental right of the muslim women or not.

  • In the matter of the minority religious matter supreme decide on the formula of what constitute core philosophy of the religion?

  • In this judgment supreme court will also decide if personal law come under article 13 definition of the law or not

  • The Article mandates that any law in force in India before or after the commencement of the Constitution should not violate the fundamental rights of citizens enshrined in Part III of the Constitution.


  • Ideal model for liquor ban in tribal area

  • Chenchu and sugali tribe found in the area of the nallamalla hills provide an excellent example of the liquor ban

  • Under this system of tribal village liquor banned on the basis of the social punishment if any one found drunk, he/she will be punished with fine and punishment that rural society decide

  • This liquor ban seen that they now able to send their children school > better education and skill to children > better living standard > welfare of tribal people that’s our final goal

  • Parliamentary democracy in india

  • We have a parliamentary form of democracy, where the supremacy of the legislature is rarely subject to any other constitutional authority, including the courts.

  • When acting under the Tenth Schedule to the Constitution, the Speaker has been held to be a tribunal whose decisions can be judicially reviewed. That is the only exception, and courts have otherwise largely stayed away from being embroiled in the political
    thicket of partisan politics

  • Parliamentary practice and procedure speak only of motions of confidence, or of no confidence. The House expresses its confidence in the council of ministers led by the Chief Minister or Prime Minister, leading to the continuance of the ministry. Alternatively, it expresses no confidence in them, leading to the ministry’s resignation. The House is not called upon to make a choice between two incumbent Chief Ministers. Two Chief Ministers simultaneously occupying constitutional office is an abomination which the Supreme
    Court once sanctified, in unusual circumstances, in Jagadambika Pal.

  • In jagdamibka pal case kalian singh government suspended without floor test and jagambika become chief minister of uttar Pradesh. High court decides that at least chief minister should be given chance of floor test.

  • How it can be possible that two person sit as chief minister in assembly at the time of floor test it is abnormal.

  • Another question here is that to whom whip should be followed

  • Should election be state funded

  1. left view

  • this view favor state funding in the politics because our aim is white money funding in the politics and implement limit on expenditure of every candidate.

  • Black money coming in the politics because of lack of white money that is also become cause for creation of the black money so cycle of corruption start with funding problem

  • But what and how much to be grant is question but this question can be solved by unique way in which give 100 Rs. For every vote the candidate got.

  1. right view

  • state funding not possible in country like india because of problem of deficit and welfare scheme are rationalizing now.

  • Constitution of india force on election without fear and favor and this money funding means buying voter.

  • State funding also can not end donation from unknown sources that are not file in IT return at all

  1. central view

  • it is easier to monitor election funding than to provide state funding. Because when state fund election that doesn’t mean it is limit for the candidate because they also got funding from unknown sources

  • our prime goal in election system should be make it free from black money that cycle start from here.

  • It is ideal to pay on the base of the performance and political party should be banned private funding and comptroller and auditor general will audit account of every party

  • Second question coming is why worthy money of people should be donated to dirty game of politics but answer will be honesty and transparency in funding system

  • Another solution can be forming of the national election fund depository in which corporate house or any other donator make payment with tax exemption and that fund to be distributed to party as per performance index

  • State funding idea working in 71 country of the world so why not to try in india


  • Turtle smugglers facing heat

  • State police of uttar Pradesh and west Bengal with coordination of central wild life authority seized over 15000 turtle

  • Turtle smuggling network spread over over country and international also that use for medicinal and meat purpose

  • The species is a freshwater turtle is under Schedule I of the Wildlife Prevention Act and commercial exploitation of it involves imprisonment of three to seven years.

  • This biggest success come with greater coordination of inter state police, forest department

  • Low tariff in solar power

  • Low tariff up to 3 per unit will depend on the how long term debt and low price component available

  • This low cost also increase competition among non renewable and conventional energy source because with using conventional technique it is unviable with lower cost

  • New drug for malaria

  • New candidate drug succeed in trial and will be available in market for the malaria

  • The candidate drug, called PfSPZ, provided up to 100% protection for 10 weeks in a trial in Germany, although a trial in real life conditions in Mali gave a lower level of defence, they reported in two separate studies.

  • PfSPZ uses a live, immature form of the malaria parasite, called a sporozoite, to stimulate an immune reaction in humans.

  • The ability to complete an immunization regime in 10 days will facilitate the use of PfSPZ-CVac in mass vaccination programmes to eliminate the malaria parasite and to prevent malaria in travelers

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