Current affairs IAS UPSC

February 15 2017

General Studies-01

  • There may be El – Niño like condition this year

  • El – Niño one of the warm ocean current found in south American coast of Peru and Chile

  • Indian meteorological department, india institute if tropical studies and ministry of earth science will make analyses of pattern from foreign and own model

  • There are past two consecutive year of the el – Niño and weaken indian monsoon because when there was El – Nino means low pressure in south Atlantic

  • That law pressures weaken wind cell of the pacific ocean lead to weaken wind pattern in indian subcontinent and finally draught like condition in india

  • El Nino refers to an anomalous heating up of the waters in the central-eastern regions of the equatorial Pacific and implies a consistent, average rise in temperature of 0.5 degree Celsius above normal. Historically that translates to the monsoon drying up over India six out of 10 years.

  • In the normal course of events, the Pacific waters ought to have been in the converse cool, La Nina mode and only begin a warming trend late after India’s summer monsoon period of June September.

  • Triple talaq and uniform civil code

  • Triple talaq means practice of uttering talaq 3 time to divorce wife in Islam which ban in many Islamic countries like iran, Syria and Pakistan

  • Constitution under directive principle of state policy article 44 stated about uniform civil code means all the religion come under one civil code which are now under its own religious cod like Hindu succession act. Etc.

  • Under award of the sayra bano case supreme court give sign of the violation of right of the women and dignity of life

General Studies -02

  • Judgment over property case on jayalalithaa

  • AIDMK general secretary sasikala got 4 year imprisonment and 10 crore fine

  • Now sasikala not to be able to contest election for 10 year because of supreme court judgment in 2013 stated that if person have imprisonment more than 3 year then person can not contest election for next 10 year

Judgment over property case on jayalalithaa

General Studies-03

  • Early warning system developed

  • Early warning cum surveillance system developed by the defense research and development organization

  • System named NETRA capable of long range surveillance in our sky will be helpful in plane navigation and threat from other country

  • Regulating investment in tobacco sector

  • In 2010 foreign direct investment banned in tobacco sector except technology transfer but now commerce ministry proposed blanket ban on tobacco product investment

  • This step proposed because of WHO framework convention on tobacco control

  • But recently American tobacco giant PMI invested in india which will force this ban under Bilateral investment treaty [BIT]

  • Ecological balance sheet in budget

  • In budget two measure should be taken first is to increase budget allocation and second should be utilization of that amount or grant

  • This year budget and economic survey have no special focus on environment as world scenario changing under trump administration

  • Prima facie the budgetary approach to environmental protection appears to be as fragmented and flawed as the
    legal approach. Even as the issues of forest management, resource conservation, pollution control and wildlife protection are manifest to be increasingly interconnected.

  • In light of the increasing challenges faced by environment in India, budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Environment under various heads is palpably inadequate. There has been superficial renaming of ‘Clean Energy Cess’ levied on coal, lignite and peat as ‘Clean Environment Cess’ with an increase in the rate of levy to ₨400 per tone. Even as climate change and increasing pollution have been matters of great concern, a measly sum of ₨40 crore and ₨74.30 crore have been allocated to the Climate Change Action Plan and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)

  • Air pollution in india

  • Due to air pollution yearly 1.1 million people died that is highest in world as pollution emerges as deadliest killer in world

  • The number of premature deaths in China caused by dangerous air particles, known as PM2.5, has stabilised globally in recent years but has risen sharply in India, according to the report.

  • India has registered an alarming increase of nearly 50% in premature deaths from particulate matter between 1990 and 2015, the report says

  • In south Asia air pollution problem worsening while in Europe and America problem of pollution decreasing and particulate matter is A fraction of the width of a human hair, these particles can be released from vehicles, particularly those with diesel engines, and by industry, as well as from natural sources like dust.

  • Particulate matter enter the bloodstream through the lungs, worsening cardiac disease and increasing the risk of stroke and heart failure, in addition to causing severe respiratory problems, like asthma and pneumonia.

  • Pollution problem can be solved if people give support to stop this pollution for the shake of health and future generation

  • Scientist developed new rubber called thubber

  • In a breakthrough for creating soft, stretchable machines and electronics, scientists have developed a novel rubber material with high thermal conductivity and elasticity. The material, nicknamed ‘thubber’, is an electrically insulating composite that exhibits an unprecedented combination of metal-like thermal conductivity, elasticity similar to soft, biological tissue, and can stretch over six times its initial length.

  • Its conductivity and elasticity make is usable in micro use such as biotic

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